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An American blender that really blends
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
September 5, 2011

One of the first things you need to ask yourself when shopping for a blender, after finding out if itís made in USA of course, is will it really blend?

When you choose any of the consumer or commercial line blenders from Blendtec, the answer is definitely "yes."

All Blendtec blenders are manufactured right here in the U.S., and theyíve made the "Will it Blend" series of videos on YouTube and Internet marketing sensation, with over 65 million video views.

A glance at just a few of their videos shows that Blendtec blenders have little trouble blending right through various "you donít want to try this at home" items like iPhones and video cameras.

Do you need a 12 hour lantern? Then look no further that obtaining some glow sticks and a Blendtec Total Blender, and youíve got it!

Of course the point is that if Blendtec blenders can so easily blend through all these odd items that you surely wouldnít need to try at home, then they certainly will handle all the things you will want to try at home with absolutely no problem.

Thereís also a not-so-obvious health aspect to Blendtec blenders as well. If you can make soups, salsas, and smoothies so quickly with the touch of a button, youíll have to ask yourself "who needs fast food, anyway?"

Whether youíre looking to lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage stress, or gain muscle, Blendtec has all the healthy suggestions and recipes to help you make it happen. And thatís bound to make you and your family both healthier and happier.

If youíd rather make decadent desserts, or some of your favorite beverages or appetizers, Blendtec makes that easy as well. All of their blenders are made in America, so you know theyíre going to last a long, long, time through literally just about anything you can throw at them or in them.

Blendtecís founder Tom Dixon was the kind of guy that grew up spending much of his time engineering and inventing, including putting big engines in little things. Tom Dixon hasnít stopped inventing better ways to do (and blend) things, and his company is still growing as well.

However, they havenít grown past their American roots, and you can see a photo of their huge, sprawling, American factory on the Blendtec website.

And itís not just patriotic purchasing-minded consumers who use Blendtec blenders. Youíll find various Blendtec blenders at various places like smoothie shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and more.

Blendtec blenders are easy to clean too, and wipe clean with just a damp cloth. You can clean the pitcher by simply by filling 1-4 cups warm water and just one drop of dish soap, and press the pulse button. Then simply rinse and dry and youíre done!

So whether itís mixed drinks, smoothies, whole juices, batters, ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, sauces, dressings, syrups, breads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, cookies, cakes, or pies, Blendtec has an American-made blender for you thatís up to the task.

Yes, these American-made blenders cost a little more than the cheap Chinese-made ones, but with their powerful 1560 watt motor, youíll be investing in American workers that make an American machine that will last many, many years through many, many blending cycles.

So if youíre in the market for a quality blender thatís made in USA, Blendtec is worth a long, hard look.

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