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American Apparel Maker Kicks-Off "100% Made in USA Campaign."
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 14, 2003

Back in February of this year, I featured an American company that makes khakis right here in America and encouraged readers to "throw your Dockers away" since the Quantum Cotton Company claims they make the highest-quality and longest-lasting khakis available.

Since that Buy American Mention of the Week, I have had a chance to order my own khakis and the quality is indeed fantastic. They are well made and durable, so I have no doubt that they are, as Quantum Cotton Company claims, the most-durable khakis you'll find anywhere.

That's good news, but are you ready for even better news? Get ready to pat yourself on the back, because you are partly responsible for Quantum's kickoff of their "100% Made in USA Campaign."

The February 28, 2003 Buy American Mention of the Week covered only Quantum's made in USA khakis. Many subscribers from this ezine responded to my article by buying these high-quality khakis, as well as the polo shirts, which were not made in USA at the time. Those of you who placed orders for the imported polo shirts sent emails, asking me to encourage Quantum to also make their polo shirts in the USA. These requests were forwarded to the company, and they have responded!

According to president Rich Montanaro, U.S.-based shirt manufacturers in North Carolina and South Carolina have been enlisted to produce not only the newly Made in USA Quantum Cotton Company polo shirts, but also denim shirts and pinpoint button-down shirts as well! My reaction to the look and feel of the new American-made polo shirts was the same as my reaction to the American-made khakis -- fantastic! The shirts are durable, yet soft, and will no doubt endure several years of washing and wearing.

As I asked Mr. Montanaro about his process of locating American manufacturers for Quantum's new domestic polo shirts, he informed me that it wasn't easy. As I'm sure most people are aware, American clothing manufacturers are getting harder and harder to come by. Asian imports, most notably from China, have caused many of our own manufacturers to shut down under intense and unfair global competition. The great part is the more we can match up American companies like Quantum to domestic manufacturers of apparel, the more we can ensure the survival of both. As more companies seek out American-based textile makers to produce their goods, these textile makers can theoretically produce at a lower cost with the increased efficiency that more business can bring.

It's always a pleasure to publicize companies like Quantum to the readers of this ezine since they have a genuine dedication to keeping American manufacturing strong. According to Rich Montanaro, president of Quantum Cotton Company and owner of the website, "The best way to build a stronger America is to keep Americans working and prosperous." He continues by saying that "The money you spend with Quantum Cotton Company goes back into the U.S. economy to textile manufacturers and their employees. Those dollars can then again be spent on American products and services creating a multiplier effect boosting our economy."

As I have said a number of times, America needs less foreign investment and more American investment. Rich maintains that "America has been, is, and always will be worth investing in." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Now that you know how you have been a part of the making of Quantum Cotton Company's "100% Made in USA Campaign," Quantum wants to encourage you to participate in it. As their way of saying thanks, Quantum is offering the members of this ezine 10% off your entire order from their online store at Simply mention the code BUYAMERICAN (no spaces) in the coupon box when ordering. And, as always, you get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Again, this offer is only available to the subscribers of the Buy American Mention of the Week.


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