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Christmas and Consumer Patriotism
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 7, 2009

You may remember back in June of this year when JC Penney came out with a shirt that said "AMERICAN MADE" across the front. It would have been a great shirt, and probably even sold better, had it not been made in Mexico. To the common observer the irony was obvious; but apparently not to JC Penney.

In a statement, JC Penney proclaimed the shirt was meant to show pride in America. When the Alliance for American Manufacturing asked how a shirt can say "AMERICAN MADE" across the front and not be made in America, a spokesman for JC Penney said the words "AMERICAN MADE" referred not to the garment itself but to the wearer of the garment. Did JC Penney research the garment wearer's birth certificate or something?

Now JC Penney has a brand new long-sleeve thermal crew in their "American Living" line of clothing that features the American Living & Co. logo with "MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITY GOODS" across the bottom. Apparently to JC Penney, American living has nothing to do with American manufacturing, because this shirt is imported as well (the website doesn't indicate from which country).

If you like, you can contact JC Penney's corporate customer care manager, Kelly Sanchez, at 972-431-3961 or by email at Maybe it will eventually become clear that if retailers are to offer shirts to the American public that mention "American made" or "American manufacturing," it only makes sense to actually make or manufacture the shirt in America!

If you're looking for a BUY AMERICAN shirt that is true to its name, then look no further that the USA Shop. For just $17.95 (postage paid) you can get a shirt for yourself or anyone on your Christmas list and support the Buy American cause and American manufacturing at the same time!

These shirts sport the American flag in bright red, white, and blue colors with the phrase BUY AMERICAN! across the bottom. They come in black or white in all sizes from small to 3XL, and they're 100% union-made in USA from 100% American-grown cotton.

Just about every business is discounting their products these days and mine is no exception. So that's why I'm making a special offer to patriotic consumers who either want to make a difference with the dollars they are already spending or find a unique Christmas gift that will allow others to re-direct their consumer dollars to the right places.

Right now I'm discounting the regularly-priced $18.95 third edition of How Americans Can Buy American ($22.90 with shipping) to $14.95 with FREE shipping. That's a savings of 35%! I'm also throwing in the first and second editions for free as well.

With all three editions, you'll have the complete collection of what many have called the bible of buying American. Even though the first edition was written in 1996 and the second edition in 2002, these earlier two books will give you a historic perspective of buying American through the years. You'll also discover foreign brands and companies you probably thought were American all along.

Did you know Lysol used to be an American brand until Eastman Kodak sold it to the British in 1995? Did you know that Dial soap used to be an American brand before being sold to a German company a few years ago? Did you know that Pillsbury and Gold Medal flour brands have both been based in Minneapolis, MN for decades but only one was American-owned until a few years ago?

Already have a copy of the most-recent third edition of How Americans Can Buy American? Then how about ordering all three, keeping the first two editions for yourself, and giving the third edition as a Christmas gift to that person who needs to know how to buy American?

This is absolutely the best deal I've ever offered on these three books, and you can take advantage of it by going here and clicking on the Special Christmas Offer link.

Thank you for your dedication to unlocking the power of consumer patriotism by buying American. I hope that especially as we come closer to Christmas, you'll encourage others to do the same. Now more than ever, our future prosperity depends on it.

Roger Simmermaker is the author of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism. He also writes "Buy American Mention of the Week" articles for his website and is a member of the Machinists Union and National Writers Union. Roger has been a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, has been quoted in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report among many other publications, and is now a weekly contributor to WorldNetDaily.


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