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Small New York-based business thrives on quality leather goods
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
January 19, 2004

To many patriotic consumers, the thought of trying to buy leather goods made in the USA can bring on feelings of hopelessness. If you've checked labels at big name retailers such as Wilson's - The Leather Experts, you've probably noticed that almost all of their products are made in China. The overwhelming majority of leather goods sold in America today are not made in America. Thankfully, there are American companies like Leather Artisan.

It is through ordering products of my own from this company that I am able to say that these are some of the finest leather products available anywhere, and the craftsmanship is superb. How many people do you know that carry their laptops in American-made briefcases? How many women do you know that carry American-made leather handbags? How many men do you know that carry their American dollars in American-made wallets? By visiting you'll see a wide range of American possibilities. From briefcases, belts and backpacks to moccasins and money clips, Leather Artisan makes them all in their shop in Upstate New York.

Leather Artisan products are made from only the finest domestic hides, which are tanned right here in the USA. Every piece of hardware that accompanies your high-quality leather product, which is a result of over 20 years of experience, is made in the USA as well.

Owners Tom and Donna Amoroso take pride in their hard-earned reputation for high-quality made in America products. And you'll know you are getting a truly unique product since all leather goods are designed by the owners of the company.

In a supposedly recovering U.S. economy where it seems that almost everything is made in China, it's refreshing to become aware of a company where absolutely nothing is made in China. By buying American-made products from American-owned companies, we know that we are rewarding American owners and workers by keeping both profits and jobs within our borders. And we also know that we're not contributing to the massive and growing trade deficit, but instead are contributing to the small businesses that are the most deserving of our consumer dollars - the ones that are bucking the trend of a seemingly endless stream of increasing imports.


How Americans Can Buy American
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