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Made Here, Baby!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
July 8, 2011

One question I am asked fairly often is about how to find American-made clothes and other products for children, as it is often much easier to find items like clothes and shoes suited for adults than it is for children and teens that are made in the USA.

If you feel like you?re challenged as a consumer when it comes to patriotic shopping for your baby, toddler, or teen, the book Made Here, Baby! can help. Made Here, Baby! is appropriately sub-titled as The Essential Guide to Finding the Best American-Made Products for Your Kids.

Even though this book is obviously geared towards kids, there are items and categories in the book that are covered which cross over into areas from which even adults can benefit. For example, one listing in the chapter covering sports and fitness highlights a company called the Jump Rope Store (, which manufactures jump rope in America in sizes for adults as well as kids.

Other mentions that cover areas beyond what just kids would want include the Louisville Slugger, Soark running apparel ( , American Made Fitness Equipment (, several canoe and kayak companies, Oreck air purification systems, and backpacks from Tough Traveler ( ? a company featured in one of my previous ?Buy American Mention of the Week? articles.

But since the book is geared towards kids, just what might you find in Made Here, Baby! that will meet your kids? needs as well as enable you to buy American and keep your hard-earned dollars in America at the same time?

In the 308-page book Made Here, Baby!, you?ll find children?s clothes (including jeans), indoor and outdoor furniture (including cribs and mattresses), fitness equipment, sports equipment, arts & crafts, girls? jewelry and hair accessories, and toys (including puzzles, dollhouse kits, and stuffed animals).

The listings in Made Here, Baby! include company name, mailing address, telephone number, website address, company details (what type of products they make, for which age group, and for what purpose, etc.), interesting facts about the company, and how to find their products. Over 400 American manufacturers are listed in all.

Made Here, Baby! also includes a handy child and toy safety resource guide, which provides several government and non-government contacts. The book also has six different indexes so you can search by company name, by category, by state, by companies founded or owned by women, or by organic/green manufacturing.

So if you?re a parent that wants to do nothing more than provide safe, well-made toys and other products for your kids to enjoy that will likely last long past their teenage years, you would be wise to pick up a copy of Made Here, Baby!.

Unfortunately, the website is now defunct, and my email attempts to contact the author bounced, so I have made the book available in the USA Shop section of my website With this book, we can assure ourselves of not only safer and higher-quality products for our kids, but more American jobs and a better economy at the same time.


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