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Bill O'Reilly sells foreign-made goods to "Restore the USA"
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 23, 2011

Bill O'Reilly is making a mockery of what it means to "Restore the USA" in his O'Reilly store online by offering to sell pens made in China, hats made in Vietnam, Pakistan, or China, and shirts made in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, or Nicaragua.

All the above listed products in his online store carry the phrase "Restore the USA" but there is little about any of them which will actually do that.

If you want one of O'Reilly's "Restore the USA" pens, you'll pay almost $25.00 with shipping for one made in China. But you can get an American-made pen from for $23.00 with shipping, proving once again it's not necessary to pay more to buy American.

If you want one of O'Reilly's "Restore the USA" hats, you'll pay almost $27.00 with shipping. But you can buy American-made hats much cheaper at either or

Although Bill O'Reilly's shirts are apparently made with U.S. cotton, why would he think it's a good idea to ship our cotton to places like Haiti or Honduras to stitch the shirts and send them back here for printing and selling if "restoring the USA" is supposed to be what it's all about?

We've been here before. Back in May of 2009, O'Reilly responded to an inquirer on his show explaining that his "Bold and Fresh" and "American Patriot" shirts had to come from Central America since "they cannot get the volume of shirts they need in American, sadly."

Several American producers responded in unison to O'Reilly's amazing statement. A spokeswoman at Waterloo, Iowa-based Image Pointe says they have 40,000 shirts ready to go and can quickly access another 200,000 if needed. Chantilly, VA-based K&R Industries says they could supply any amount of union-made, American-made t-shirts Mr. O'Reilly might need. Just tell them how many.

I don't carry the same shirts touting the words "Restore the USA" on them, but I do have American-made, union-made shirts (sizes small-3XL in black or white) that tout a bold American flag and the phrase "Buy American!" on them, and I charge over eleven dollars less than Bill O'Reilly does to boot in my USA Shop!

For one of O'Reilly's imported shirts, with shipping, you'll pay almost $29.00. For one of my American-made "Buy American!" shirts, you'll only pay $17.95 with FREE shipping. And if you order two shirts (makes a great Christmas gift) you'll get a free copy of my American-published, printed, and bound book "How Americans Can Buy American" absolutely free, again with FREE shipping. Just type in the words "free book" in the promo code box when checking out.

And I can assure you, I can handle any quantity that comes my way, because my supplier Union Marketing Ideas stands ready to process any order in any amount.

All "Buy American!" shirts are 100 percent made in USA from 100 percent American-grown cotton.

Bill O'Reilly did prove one important thing: those supposedly cheap imports aren't always cheaper than American-made products. Compare that to what O'Reilly says in his help center: "It can be, however, impossible to find, or prohibitively expensive to carry, certain products that are 100% USA-made."

If we really want to restore the USA, we're going to have to do it by reducing imports from countries like China and supporting American workers to create American jobs.


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