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How Americans Can Buy American!
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"Select Seconds" Sale
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
February 6, 2012

If you've thought about ordering your own copy of "How Americans Can Buy American" and aren't necessarily concerned about it being in museum-style condition, then the "Select Seconds Sale" is for you.

Right now, I am offering a limited number of copies of "How Americans Can Buy American" that are in slightly less-than-pristine condition for the rock bottom price of just $5.00.

So if you've got $5.00 in your pocket, wallet, or purse, I'd like to get a copy of "How Americans Can Buy American" to you - postage paid - so you can help make a difference in keeping profits, jobs, and tax revenue within our national borders.

How can I offer these books for a price this low and how did they become available?

There's a well-known practice within the publishing industry where books are ordered by wholesalers (which supply bookstores like Barnes & Noble) and are then sometimes unfortunately returned back to the author or publisher (me) for various reasons.

These reasons can include books that have been "paged through" too many times by customers, which can result in folded pages, creases in the covers, or other imperfections where they are no longer in sellable condition at a bookstore.

After these books are returned to me, I've always contemplated whether or not to keep them.

Then, I got the idea that I could offer them to patriotic consumers at a cost that was significantly lower than the regular price.

The price for this book can't get any lower than this, so if you want all the information you need to buy American in the purest sense of the term, now is your chance.

Again, supplies are limited, so don't delay. Order today!


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