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America's best ladder is American-made
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
March 24, 2012

Every now and then I come across an American-made product that I simply have to tell everyone about because it's such a great buy and really should be in every American home. The Little Giant ladder is that product.

A few months ago, it became obvious that I needed a new ladder, as my old wooden stepladder just wasn't safe to use anymore.

So I went to some local hardware and home-improvement stores in my area and started looking for a replacement.

The ladder I wanted to buy had to be American-made, of course, and I certainly wanted a high-quality one that wouldn't wear out so easily like the last my ladder.

By buying a Little Giant ladder, I got everything I wanted and more.

First, all Little Giant ladders are made in USA, so I didn't have to worry about which model I was buying. Second, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't last forever (as long as it's well-cared for). And third, it's actually 24 ladders in one!

And you can buy a Little Giant ladder just like mine for under $200 with free shipping and no sales tax! That's a great price when you consider it will likely be the last ladder you will ever buy.

I remember going to the same hardware and home improvement stores I went to back in 2004 when I was buying various supplies after the four Florida hurricanes that year. Back then, Louisville ladders had gone to Mexico and Werner ladder were still made in USA. Unfortunately, Werner ladders are no longer made in America today.

Luckily Little Giant ladders are, and what's better is you can use them in so many ways, so it's better than buying any one ladder anyway.

Little Giant Type 1 Alta-One ladders (the kind I bought) feature heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction, are rated to hold up to 250 lbs., combines 24 different ladders into one convenient system, comply with all OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards, and include a limited lifetime warranty.

Little Giant ladders are also portable and easy to store, so they'll take up a lot less space than any other ladder you've owned in the past or could own in the future.

They are so versatile; they can be used in a number of ways. For example, Little Giant ladders can be used as an A-frame ladder, a staircase ladder, a 90 degree ladder, an extension ladder, or for scaffolding. That's why it simply doesn't make sense to buy any other ladder.

The Little Giant website can help you decide which ladder you need right there online (aluminum, fiberglass, etc.) and offers a comparison chart complete with instructional, infomercial, and demonstration videos.

And you'll never have to worry about your safety when using the Little Giant ladder. It is simply the safest and sturdiest ladder I have ever used, and I'm certain it will stay that way for years to come as long as I continue to take care of it like any other proudly American-made product.

You can easily spend well over a hundred dollars for a simple stepladder, and that's all you get. One ladder, one application, and most likely imported.

With Little Giant, you get a great, high-quality, sturdy, long-lasting, American-made ladder with all kinds of optional accessories. In addition to the free work platform you'll get with your order, you can order a ladder rack, project tray, cargo hold, wing span, airdeck, or leg leveler.

Are you wondering what all these other accessories are? I certainly did. Then go to and you'll see if there's an accessory that just might fit a need you didn't envision that you even had. You can even order a paper towel dispenser.

So if you want a lifetime-lasting ladder that is engineered, designed, and assembled in the USA, then do what I did and check out


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