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American-made apparel for the youngest Americans
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
August 5, 2012

At one time or another we've all probably felt the same feeling of discouragement when we wanted to buy American-made clothing but met with one unsuccessful attempt after another when trying to do so. And it's distressing enough when it comes to apparel in general, but if you're a proud parent of a toddler, or perhaps a new baby, and have tried buying apparel made by fellow Americans, you're no doubt aware of the extra frustration when it comes to not knowing where to look.

And because raising a toddler or caring for that new baby have their own set of extra demands on time for mom and dad, it's understandable few parent have the time to find American-made clothes for the young ones in their lives. The saying "like a needle in a haystack" comes to mind.

Two of the many reasons I write books about buying American that I would like to point out here are 1) saving others time and 2) saving others frustration when trying to find and buy American products. I had my own frustrating experience in a Florida mall where I found it extremely difficult to buy American-made apparel. After my experience that day, I thought to myself "I'm an American. I live here, work here and pay taxes here. Why is it so difficult for me to support other Americans that live here, work here, and pay taxes here?"

That's why I am so happy that I became aware of a company in Michigan called Laina Line over seven years ago, and I've been pointing patriotic consumers to their website ever since. In short, if you thought it was impossible to find American-made clothing for children in sizes from 6 weeks to 10 years of age, you really need to look no further than

Laina Line is based in Cedar Springs, Michigan, and has been in business since 1994. They deliver to any location nationwide and even fill orders for Canada. And with their many years of design experience, you can be sure the quality and durability of these clothes have been time-tested. Laina Line started out selling to specialty markets within the state of Michigan, and now their fine clothing is in stores and boutiques all across America.

Laina Line strives to satisfy their customers in so many ways and specific features their clothes have serve to highlight this, features like their woven hats which are lightly lined, and their bodice/skirt seams that are double-sewn for durability, and that they use soft-stretch elastic for a comfortable fit on all bloomers and blouses. Plus, most outfits have matching accessories available like fleece hats, floppy hats, hair flowers, and ribbon bows.

For girls, you'll find dresses (the petite patriotic outfits are especially pretty), pants sets, sweaters, white blouses, as well as seasonal apparel for summer, fall, winter, and holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. For boys, you're able to browse sweaters, vests, pants, and more. There are also diaper covers and panty covers for babies.

The prices that accompany Laina Line's American-made apparel options are incredibly reasonable when you consider the quality of their American-made, custom-made, clothing. Customers qualify for free shipping by ordering just $50.00.

If your little ones likes ladybugs, daisies, shamrocks, or other specific prints, simply click the "shop by print" link on, and all the types of apparel and accessories available from Laina Line will be displayed.

No matter what time of year it is, it's easy to find children's clothing for boys and girls at Laina Line, and matching American-made accessories are available, too, so you'll be able to find much more than simple tops and bottoms for girls and boys. And since every single order is custom made, Laina Line is a great place to go to keep your young children clothed with American-made quality.


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