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Keep Small Business Saturday Going
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
December 1, 2012

It's no secret that more families are focusing on American jobs and therefore the American economy by seeking out American-made goods where they can be found. So it's nice to know that there is a family-owned business called Made in USA Shop that offers great prices on great American products, and you can see the company's extensive collection at

All of the products that you'll see available when you browse the e-commerce website are American-made using domestic materials so you can be sure each dollar you spend will encourage employment here at home instead of overseas.

After all, since the fine folks that founded Made in USA Shop are small business owners themselves, it only makes sense to them to operate in a way that strengthens similar businesses across the country.

At, you'll find American flags and stickers, brooms and mops, brushes, candles, Christmas ornaments and stockings, games, puzzles, and toys, kitchen knife sets, skillets and griddles, office and school supplies, pillows, playing cards, posters, purses, sandals, socks, toys, wall coverings, and wall racks.

And when Christmas comes around, the Made in USA Shop has American-made stocking stuffers to help fill up those Christmas stockings sewn with American hands.

In an economic environment where many Americans are still bracing for what might come next as a result of the financial crisis that still seems to be unfolding, it's comforting to know that there are companies that sell only American-made goods, since the purchasing of these goods keeps dollars circulating within our national borders.

The Made in USA Shop is located in the state of Ohio where manufacturing used to be much more prominent than it is these days. Both residents and business owners have seen manufacturing jobs come and go, factories open and close, and probably almost everyone knows someone who has either seen their pay drop, their hours cut, or worse yet, received a layoff notice.

By patronizing companies like the Made in USA Shop, we can help put an end to the instability that has plagued our economy for decades. We need to not only buy American to help repair our economy when it suffers for one reason or another, but also when times are good to keep it on the right track and avoid downturns and recessions in the future.

Realizing the current uncertainty of the job market, there's one sure-fire way to help end that uncertainty and usher in stability, and that is by buying American-made products. And of course a super place to start looking is at

Not only do the owners of Made in USA Shop promise that any product you order from them will be made in America, but they can also assure you that they will be adding to their already impressive inventory. Fortunately, more manufacturing jobs are steadily returning to America's shores as the economy starts to recover, and the made in USA Shop stands ready to keep those jobs here by offering more and more American-made goods.

Small business Saturday may have been last Saturday, but it doesn't mean we can safely call it quits on focusing on helping small businesses, especially the ones that focus on generating American jobs in everything that they do.


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