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Buying American in Simple American Style
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
September 6, 2013

Where can you browse American, buy American, and enter for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate on an exclusive made-in-USA-only website at the same time? At the new all-American e-commerce site!

It's no secret that life today for most Americans is a very busy one, and globalization in particular with it's cut-throat competition attributes sure hasn't made it any less hectic. And who has the time or energy to run from store to store to find the types of quality products we are looking for as consumers?

Of course you won't find everything you could possibly need at, as no e-commerce website could honestly make claim that they carried everything to satisfy every consumer. But once you browse the hundreds of products available, I think you'll find that the Simple American Style website can simplify your shopping routine and make things a little less hectic since you have the simple luxury of ordering from home. And especially at today's gas prices, who wants to burn gallons of fuel driving from store to store looking for something made in USA that they might not find anyway?

At the very least, at, you'll have the certainty of knowing what you see on the website is genuinely made in the USA, where you'll find enticing and attractive American-made goods like jewelry, kids and baby products, pet supplies, kitchen supplies, home d?cor, furniture, and travel gear.

The folks at Simple American Style think you shouldn't buy products like the ones featured on their website just because they are made in USA, but also because of their style, safety, and quality. That's why at, they have carefully chosen companies that have been in business for many years, and have therefore demonstrated that they deserve to be in business because they've been doing the right things for an extended amount of time.

I know that of particular interest for me personally were the pet supplies (not easy to find made in the USA) and the travel gear (it's not easy to find American-made luggage to both provide and protect what you need for airline flights to and from home). And when was the last time you went to any retail store and found American-made curtains and valances?

And even though is a place you'll want to visit often since they are committed to adding new products as often as possible, you won't always have to keep re-browsing the same products to find the new ones that have been added. That's because you can quickly check out their See What's New link to see the newly added inventory.

Simple American Style can also assure you that everything they offer in their online store is 100% made in USA - which means not mostly made here or partially made here - but completely made here. When you order from you can be certain that you won't receive products with watered-down labels that say "Assembled in USA" or "Made in USA with foreign and domestic components."

You'll also want to click the Deal of the Day link on the home page to find great deals on American-made merchandise for up to nearly 50 percent off the regular price!

'Buy American' is more than just a slogan at Simple American Style, as their goal has always been to bring like-minded consumers the finest American-made products that can be found, and to keep what they believe to be the finest workforce in the world working to create more American jobs and prosperity. In my opinion, there are few goals in life that are finer and more honorable than that!


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