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Coming soon: The first-ever 'Buy American' shopping show!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
February 21, 2014

Have you ever watched QVC or other shopping networks and wished there was shopping show that featured only American products? If so, you'll be glad to know that this type of show is now in the works and right around the corner!

The fine folks at are on a mission to give patriotic-minded people like you and me a QVC-style program we can watch that features only American-made goods made by only American-owned companies! It's called the Buy American Shopping Show and it's coming soon!

Personally, I am extra-excited about the prospects for this new show because is about the only Buy American advocacy group (besides my own 'How Americans Can Buy American' organization) that accurately defines an "American" product as one that is made in America by an American-owned company.

Just like on my own website and in the four books I have written about Buy American since 1996, pushes and recommends only products that are made in the USA by companies that are ultimately based and headquartered in the United States.

That means you won't see products like American-made Haier refrigerators on the show, since Haier is owned by a company based in China. You also would not see Jim Beam products for sale on the show, for example, since Jim Beam Is now owned by a Japanese company. Ditto for Dial and L'Oreal beauty products (Dial is German-owned and L'Oreal is owned by the French).

Of course I am just speculating here since I'm not so involved (other than being an avid supporter) to know what kind of products will be actually featured on the Buy American Shopping Show, but I think you get the idea.

To start, the Buy American Shopping Show will likely be on TV for half-hour segments a few days a week, and based on viewership and demand, can expand from there.

But before the first-ever show hits the airwaves (TV channels and networks to be determined), has turned to to help secure funding to make their dreams (and ours) come true. In short, the more funding they can obtain through patriotic supporters like you and me, the more they can be on the air, the longer the shows can be, and more American consumers can be made aware of the products that are truly American!

I joined at the $25.00 level, and can't wait to get my American-made t-shirt in the mail! Not only is it made by American-owned, but it's a super-cool looking and colorful shirt!

If it's not in your budget to support the Buy American Shopping Show with a donation where you can get a number of great American products in return, maybe you know of or are involved with a great American company that you think might like to get involved with the show and have their products featured on TV! As an advocate of purely American companies and products myself for a number almost 20 years, I look forward to contacting many true red, white, and blue companies to see if they are interested in this historical undertaking.

In any case, you owe it to yourself as a patriotic-minded consumer to visit and check out the huge amount of American products available and displayed there. You can also check out other Buy American blogs and recent headlines where 'Buy American' is in the news! is not some Johnny-come-lately pro-American advocacy group that joined the surge in Buy American interest a few years ago. began promoting American-made products back in 1998, well before the scares about toys made in China that contained lead and toxic ingredients.

I'm proud to know the great people at and look forward to helping in any way that I can to make this truly American endeavor a success. Won't you join me supporting this effort? Think of the increased American awareness, the domestic jobs that can be created, the tax revenue that can be retained here within our borders, the downward pressure on the unemployment rate, and the American who wants to work but can't because there's not enough domestic demand in his or her industry.

You've heard the saying before: "It's all about choices." For the American who wants to buy American products but doesn't know how or where to find them, or doesn't have time to do the research, we can eliminate these issues as a barrier.

You've probably also heard people talk about the need to try to convince others of the importance of Buying American. It is my belief that there are perhaps just as many that already are convinced, but need to be made more aware, or be presented with an easier way to find and buy American products. With the Buy American Shopping Show, the owners of stand ready to go a long way in accomplishing these honorable, pro-American goals.


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