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Wear American-made shades this summer
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
June 6, 2015

Summer is almost officially here, and when you're out and about in the heat of the sun, you'll want to protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses. But did you know you can protect yourself from the glare of the sun and protect American jobs at the same time by choosing the right kind of shades?

With Reno Navarro sunglasses (made in Reno, Nevada) you can keep your eyes safe as well as the jobs of American workers in an industry where domestic goods are hard to find.

Now I'll admit there are a few other brands of sunglasses out there that are made in USA, but why shell out over $100.00 for a pair of Oakley's when you can get American-made Reno Navarro sunglasses for just $59.95 at The Oakley brand, once California based, is now owned by Luxottica Group of Italy. Luxottica also owns popular brands like Prada, Ray-Ban, and retail companies like Pearl Vision, Sunglass Hut, and LensCrafters.

Reno Navarro sunglasses are true optical quality HD lenses, UV 400 rated, and come in a hard shell leather case with a micro satin cloth and a micro satin bag. I know I never got all that with the Oakleys that I used to buy before they got acquired by their current Italian owners back in 2007. And everyone will know your commitment to Buying American just looking at you because the words "Buy American" are inscribed right on the lenses!

These genuine Reno Navarro designer sunglasses are an overstock from a special project for American Airlines 10-year employee awards, and each pair has its own serial number.

If you're the type of person that has a passion for fitness or sports - or if you simply like to stay active - and you like to listen to music on your mp3 or smartphone while doing it, you'll want to take a look at these four American-made products in the USA Shop by American-owned Topcor that are sure to help keep you motivated.

  1. If you like to go jogging or walking for exercise like me, try Topcor's Sport Armband, which allows your phone or mp3 to be easily attached to your arm for that morning or evening walk or jog.
  2. If cycling is your activity of choice, try Topcor's Bike Mount, which instantly installs without tools (and won't compromise the paint on your bike).
  3. Topcor's Handband fits in your palm or on your belt to keep your music source close and handy.
  4. And if you simply want to make it easier to keep your phone and wallet together (since men usually take both of them with us wherever we go anyway) check out Topcor's Tech Wallet.

It's not always easy to find accessories made in the USA. That's why I have made a special attempt to stock my USA Shop with American-made accessories that would otherwise be hard to find for patriotic consumers.

So visit the USA Shop today and check out these hard-to-find American-made accessories so we can help keep American workers active at their jobs by buying American-made products while your favorite accessories keep you active with American-made style. No matter which product you choose, you'll be helping American workers, the American economy, and you'll also be helping yourself accomplish your goals with your chosen activities.


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