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Don't tread on Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
October 15, 2015

Don't tread on me. That should be how you look at Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's insoles, which are carried in your local Wal-Mart store despite their fairly recent and historic 'Buy American' pledge. The American alternative? Family-owned, American-owned (and American-made) ENER-GEL, whose insoles can be purchased here by going to my USA Shop.

Back in 2013, Walmart announced it was planning on stocking its shelves with $50 billion of American-made merchandise over the next decade while hiring 100,000 veterans. It's too bad that truly patriotic American companies like ENER-GEL are left out of Wal-Mart's American-made initiative.

ENER-GEL insoles used to be carried at Wal-Mart, and they were for 18 years, until Wal-Mart abruptly discontinued the domestic producer. ENER-GEL even expanded their factory space by a whopping 5,000 square feet to meet the demand from Wal-Mart because 95 percent of ENER-GEL's sales we coming from the America's number one retailer. Coincidentally, 95 percent of ENER-GEL's competition make their insoles offshore.

Here's how you can be an American-made activist: Go to and tell them that they should once again carry American-made ENER-GEL insoles. When you go to the link I just specified, simply select 'Discontinued Item/Brand, select 'other' for the brand, type in 'ENER-GEL' under the 'specify brand' box, type in "Insoles" in the 'item description' box, and then make your comments. Here's what I typed in for my comments (my advice would be to keep it short and sweet): Please carry American-made ENER-GEL insoles again and not only Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's.

When you do, you'll be helping to keep a family-owned, American-owned domestic producer stay in business, and many American jobs that go along with it. Americans who want our economy to continuously improve should not stand idly by and let a Chinese-made brand dominate our American market. If we really want a thriving U.S. economy, the American market should be dominated by American producers.

As 'Buy American' advocates, we need to be passionate and proactive and not passive. We need to be involved in steering the global economy in a way that best benefits our country, making our voices heard when it's appropriate. And it's definitely appropriate when so many American jobs are at stake. There are several varieties of American-made ENER-GEL insoles to choose from.

ENER-GEL Cool Gel Light is a dual layer insole that is 30 percent lighter and cooler than other dual gel insoles, with plenty of comfort and Blue Activated Gel for cushioning and energy return.

ENER-GEL Work insoles are made with a unique blend of materials to provide industrial strength whether you're just walking or working on hard surfaces. These will be a welcome addition to your American-made work boots if you wear them like I do.

ENER-GEL Cushion Maxx is the ultimate insole when you need long-lasting and uncompromising superior comfort. Ideal for tired and aching feet, these will also help reduce stress on your feet and knees.

ENER-GEL Green Earth insoles are environmentally friendly and use soybean oil instead of petroleum in the polyurethane foam. ENER-GEL is the only company to offer this alternative in its insoles.

You can purchase any of these fine American-made insole products at the USA Shop for just $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

I hope you'll consider patronizing ENER-GEL insoles, and fight back against Wal-Mart's behind-the-scenes bucking of the 'Buy American' trend in the face of their fairly recent 'Buy American' pledge. The best two things you can do right now are:

1. Patronize American-made ENER-GEL insoles, and

2. Tell Wal-Mart that you want to make ENER-GEL insoles available again to millions more of American consumers once again.

This is the patriotic one-two punch to keep America's prosperity going and to keep Americans working.


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