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American sunglasses for American consumers
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
September 20, 2016

If you are looking for a unique brand of sunglasses that differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on frame construction with aircraft-grade aluminum and American-made quality, then look no further than GATORZ brand sunglasses.

So many sunglass brands with household names have become popular due to extreme profit motives or outsourced production. Not so with GATORZ.

While many brands outsource their design (not to mention their production) to foreign companies and foreign countries, GATORZ focuses on their unique and original design concepts, which include dual hinge and riveted designs to ensure a high-quality product that is both durable and stylish.

GATORZ is also proud to be an official partner of the Navy SEALs Foundation, where a donation is made for every pair of GATORZ sunglasses that is sold on the GATORZ website.

You might pay a little more for GATORZ sunglasses, but you can be sure that you aren't dealing with low-cost plastic styles or reduced components in the overall construction of your sunglasses.

And right now for "How Americans Can Buy American" readers, you can receive a 10 percent discount on GATORZ sunglasses. Just click here to order and type the discount code "rogersaysgatorz" during checkout to receive 10 percent off your entire purchase price. This discount code is only good through September 27, so get your order in early!

GATORZ also provides a two year warranty for aluminum sunglasses, which covers breakage and defects due to material and/or workmanship. GATORZ will also repair or replace any current style that is deemed to have a manufacturer's defect. The bottom line? GATORZ has you covered.

Here's one thing I can tell you from my own personal experience from wearing GATORZ sunglasses compared to the inferior competition: I happen to wear a silver cross around my neck. And when my necklace comes in contact with my sunglasses while they are hanging on my collar, I don't have to worry about my GATORZ sunglasses getting scratched like previous inferior brands.

That's a true testament to the quality of GATORZ sunglasses, and the fact that they are not as susceptible to the normal "wear and tear" elements of everyday life. If that were true of GATORZ sunglasses, I would have needed to replace them long ago.

I will tell you something else that I am sure will resonate with many Americans. I'm not particularly gentle with my sunglasses. And I think most sunglass brands, by definition, are quite fragile.

This means that handling one pair of inferior foreign-owned sunglasses compared to another high-quality American brand like GATORZ can mean the difference between keeping them and replacing them.

Again, you might pay a little more for GATORZ brand American-made quality, but the payoff means you won't be replacing them so soon like you might be with similar sunglass brands that are inferior and susceptible to the elements around us.

GATORZ is a California-based company, and unlike other supposed California-based companies like Oakley (which is ultimately owned by Italian-based Luxottica Group S.p.A., and also owns Ray Ban, Pearle Vision, and Sunglass Hut), GATORZ is actually American-owned and takes pride in manufacturing everything in the USA.

I used to buy Oakley sunglasses before they were acquired by Italian-owned Luxottica in 2007, and I can tell you from personal experience that GATORZ are far and above the quality of Oakley sunglasses. So do yourself and your wallet a favor and consider the higher-quality American-owned GATORZ sunglasses.

The point here is that you could pay roughly the same price for Italian-owned, American-made Oakley sunglasses or you could spend the same money and buy American-owned AND American-made GATORZ sunglasses keeping not just jobs but also profits and tax revenue within our national borders.

American-owned companies typically pay twice as many taxes to the U.S. Treasury compared to foreign-owned companies operating in the United States like Italian-owned Luxottica.

And why does this matter? According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, at least two-thirds of all federal spending goes towards education, Social Security, Medicare, parks, roads & bridges, national defense, and to pay interest on our national debt. Few Americans necessarily like more government spending, but that fact is that if the money isn't there in the U.S. Treasury to pay for these popular domestic programs, one of two things will happen: either these popular programs, benefits, and guarantees will go unfunded, or taxes will be raised on the American people to make up the shortfall.

So you can do your part to make America stronger financially and economically by buying GATORZ sunglasses instead of the foreign-owned competition and keeping your money here at home. No more giving money to foreign competitors like Luxottica that take money that used to be ours (before we spent our dollars on their foreign products) and use it to acquire existing American companies and assets.

When that happens, as Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, said: when foreigners acquire our assets, they "acquire ownership of our real estate, of our companies, of the corporate and government bonds so we lose all the future income streams that are associated with the assets when we lose the ownership. So it is a bad thing."

Don't make your consumer purchases become a "bad thing" by buying the products of foreign-owned companies. When you need sunglasses, you need to patronize American-owned and American-made products like GATORZ sunglasses. It's better for you. It's better for the country.


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