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The original and the best - Jacob Bromwell
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
July 4, 2017

Sometimes the original and the oldest in any industry represents the best that industry has to offer. And that is certainly true when you consider Jacob Bromwell, which is the oldest kitchenware and housewares manufacturer in America. They also happen to be America's oldest manufacturer of tin and stainless steel.

To have that kind of respectable distinction, there has to be a reason why, right? And the reason is that they are simply the best at what they do - bar none.

With one visit to the website, you'll see what I'm talking about.

All Jacob Bromwell products come with an Authentic 100% Lifetime Guarantee, which covers every item for the lifetime of the product, failure of workmanship and craftsmanship, failure of materials, and production defects. If your Jacob Bromwell purchase doesn't meet your high standards, you can return it for an exchange or complete refund.

And right now through this special 'Buy American Mention of the Week' article, you can take a full 50% off of your entire order. Just mention the special discount code JULY4 at checkout. This sale code will be available only July 4 - 6 for all items site-wide. It's their biggest sale of the year, so the time is now to get the best deal on authentic Jacob Bromwell products.

You might pay a little more for Jacob Bromwell products - which are all 100% made in the USA, by the way - but the fact that this proud American-owned company is still around since their humble beginnings in 1819 is a true test that the extra cost is undoubtedly worth it.

I can speak to Jacob Bromwell quality from personal experience, since I own quite a few of their products. I would personally recommend their World Famous Graters and Shredders, Colanders, or any of their many, diverse and unique flasks (they have 24 of them).

Of course it all depends on which of their literally hundreds of products that you order (check out their site map here), but there are several options available for you to find the perfect product that fits your needs or desires.

Jacob Bromwell offers several great American products in the following categories (as seen on their site map page) where you can view each and every one of them, such as:

Kitchen Classics: All-American Flour Sifter, Golden Era Pie Plates, Texas Deep Fry Baskets, Baltimore Cheese Board, and Grandma's Cookie Cutters.

Outdoor Gear: Traditional Pocket Knife, Signature Chestnut Roaster, Classic Tin Cup, Montana Folding Utensils, and the Genuine Pyramid Toaster.

Fine Leather Goods: Aspen Leather Journal (Brown or Black), Doc Holliday Edition Flask, Denver Card Holder, and the Park City Leather Belt.

Special Editions: Legacy Cocktail Shaker, Jack's Moscow Mule Cup, Iconic Martini Glass, Washington Copper Tray, Ben Franklin Beer Stein, and the Bridger Copper Ashtray.

You can also check out their Pure Copper editions, Made to Order items, Accessories, Parts, and Gifts for Him and Her categories.

And Jacob Bromwell is always adding new products. The latest are the Grand Valley Flask, the Gentlemen's Square Flask, the Continental Cup, and the Little Sipper.

The owners at Jacob Bromwell also now own a new website called Billy Twang at

At Billy Twang, you'll find everything you need for a great barbeque outing every time. Everything on this website is made like no other, from grills, grill covers, mesquite charcoal, igniter fuel, spatulas, tongs, fire pokers, ash shovels, pit gloves, master pit bag, strikin' matches, and more. There's even a handcrafted flask with which to enjoy your favorite beverage while you're outside grilling up a storm.

In traditional Jacob Bromwell style, everything is made in the USA. Their grills aren't just the run-of-the-mill grills either. These grills are handcrafted with stainless steel and high-quality commercial grade, so they will hold up in any kind of weather for decades to come. So if you are a serious grill master (you know, the kind that is always grilling for your family or with friends and neighbors every weekend) nothing really compares.

At Billy Twang, you won't simply find American-made products, but rather American-handcrafted works of art. That's why they command higher prices. They aren't just stamped out on some assembly line. They are hand-made with American labor, sweat, and substance.

There are now more reasons than ever to check out the Jacob Bromwell website (and now the new Billy Twang website). You can rest assured, whatever you buy from either website, it will last for life so you know that you'll never, ever, have to replace it with another one.


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