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Sign the petition to strengthen the Made in USA standard!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
October 2, 2019

Tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to strengthen enforcement of "Made in USA." Although the FTC can sometimes identify the cheats, not enough is being done to enforce the rules beyond issuing polite requests to stop. Companies that cheat don't have to pay a dime or even admit wrongdoing!

The Alliance for American Manufacturing is asking for your support by signing the petition here!

Made in USA should mean just what it says. It should mean MADE in USA and nothing else.

American workers and manufacturers work extra-hard and make major investments for the privilege of marketing and labeling their products as "Made in USA." But there always seem to be wrongdoers that cheat the system, slapping a "Made in USA" label on goods that are actually manufactured in foreign countries or contain lots of foreign components.

And they will continue to get away with it unless we make our voices heard.

It's time to strengthen enforcement of the "Made in USA" standard. Tell the FTC to stand up for American manufacturers, workers, and consumers and penalize companies that cheat the system! That's the only way these cheaters that have no loyalty to the United States of America will stop. It will take less than a minute to make your voice heard, so Sign the Petition today!


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