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No more farmed or foreign fish!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
September 24, 2020

If you eat salmon as I do for the health benefits (plus it's tasty), check out the wild-caught salmon from Wild Alaskan Company. I have vowed never to eat farmed salmon ever again after I learned farmed salmon is naturally gray and often dyed pink so that it looks like consumers have come to expect.

A significant portion of salmon is unsustainably farmed, unhealthy for humans, and is harmful to the environment.

Alaska exports two-thirds of its sustainably-harvested seafood to foreign markets such as China and Japan. U.S. consumers have unknowingly downgraded their own seafood supply. It is quite ironic that the United States exports the very best fish and imports some of the worst seafood alternatives.

Wild Alaskan Company is a monthly seafood membership that delivers wild-caught, sustainable seafood to your doorstep. They have designed their individually wrapped portions for quick and easy cooking.

When you become a member (limited time offer) using this special link, you'll get $25 off your first box. You can also mix your wild Alaskan salmon with white fish like halibut and cod. That's what we usually do. No more foreign fish for my family and no more farmed fish, either, even if it's domestic!

With Wild Alaskan Company, you'll feel good about your food, get access to expert advice on recipes and cooking tips, be able to say goodbye to your trips to your usual seafood counter, and get a 100% money-back guarantee. With the quality you'll be getting and the money you'll be saving without those extra seafood counter trips, it will be more than worth it. You can even skip your scheduled shipment or pause future deliveries anytime before your membership renews each month. We just delayed our next delivery two weeks after we discovered some other frozen food we needed to clear out.

According to Wild Alaskan Company, the United States imports approximately 91 percent of the seafood that we consume from overseas. A June 25, 2018, CNBC article backs this up, detailing that the U.S. is home to substantial fisheries for species like Alaskan pollock, Pacific salmon, and New England lobster. However, we still import over 90 percent of the seafood our country consumes. The United States imported more seafood in 2017 (over a half-billion dollars' worth) than any other prior year. But domestic wild-caught cod is available through Wild Alaskan Company.

The United States buys seafood from all over the world. One of our biggest seafood trading partners is Canada, but China and Chile are also export large amounts of seafood to our shores.

There is a reason that doctors and nutritionists alike recommend adding more fish to your diet. A seafood-focused diet is linked to advantages such as weight loss, brain development, reducing the risk of heart disease, among other health benefits. You have nothing to lose, except a healthier lifestyle from a more seafood-based diet.

So click on the special link get $25 off your first box for a better, healthier diet. Then, create a password with your email address and zip code, and you'll be ready to explore the options of Alaskan salmon (including coho and sockeye) and white fish like cod and halibut. When you do, you'll contribute to a better and more-prosperous U.S. economy by supporting more American jobs. At this time in our history, that is precisely what our nation needs.


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