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How Americans Can Buy American!
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Coming Soon: The First All-Buy American Talk Show!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
April 24, 2004

The political hot-button issue of Buying American will have its own talk show starting Monday, April 26th. New York Myke, owner of San Diego Harley-Davidson and host of American Cycle Talk will host the new Internet talk show at Buy American Radio will be the newest of the many specialty talk shows at, which includes eBay Radio and Entrepreneur Magazine.

To access Buy American Radio, visit on April 26th at 4pm PST, or you can link to the show through, where you can also browse through fifty other shows featuring topics from coins and computers to stamps and spirituality.

The first guest on the newly-created all-Buy American talk show will be Roger Simmermaker, author of How Americans Can Buy American and owner of the website Future shows will continue to feature other experts on the Buy American issue as well as guests involved with American manufacturing with intimate and interesting angles.

This is an exciting opportunity for all those who support securing the American market for the American producer to come together for a common agenda. There are many other websites, companies and organizations that have supported the Buy American cause over the years, and many of the representatives from these various groups will be interviewed on future shows. It is in our best interest as patriotic consumers hear each and every voice from the increasingly-popular Buy American movement and consider supporting their contribution to this important issue, which is on the front lines of the presidential race as jobs and the economy are on the minds of many American voters.

As the owner of, I would encourage subscribers of the Buy American Mention of the Week and visitors to the website to forward information about what I call "American-Hero Companies" to Buy American Radio and you just might hear them featured on the air! Please send your information in an email to Ron Schaefer at (and don't forget to mention that you are a reader or subscriber of the Buy American Mention of the Week). This is another chance to have a positive influence on our country that can benefit all Americans as we all become more educated on different ways to buy American and advance the cause.

Currently, the show can be heard live every Monday from 4pm - 5pm PST, but a big response and a larger than expected number of listeners could always increase the time or frequency of the broadcast. If you happen to miss any of the shows, you can access them from the archives on

I hope you'll decide to take an active role to help spread the awareness of what I believe (and I'm sure many of you reading this believe as well) is the single-most important issue for America today. The answer to America's economic problems is right in our own backyard. The answer is Buy American!


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