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American-Made Magnets and So Much More
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
May 2, 2004

One of the most personally satisfying ways to buy American I've found is to support smaller, privately-owned and even family-owned American companies whose American-made products can't be and won't be found at Wal-Mart or any of the other big-name retail chains. Perhaps it's the uniqueness of these American-made products in particular that makes it so personally rewarding to buy American, because we are able to buy and own something that most folks don't even know about, and it makes you want to change that by telling everyone about it.

One such company is Mo8 Designs (which stands for Mother of 8 Designs) based in Butte, ND. From hand-cast and hand-painted magnets, pins, jewelry and ornaments to intricate and impressive custom-tiled tables and desks, this family-run business sells to gift and specialty shops in 38 states and they sell directly to patriotic consumers as well.

Once you visit their website at, you'll see a wide variety of uniquely American-made items. When is the last time you looked at several American-made Christmas ornaments? Who can find those anymore in any store? You know they'd make a nice addition to your American-made artificial Christmas tree (more on that one later). Custom designing is available for that special Christmas to remember, whether you're celebrating a new member to the family or a special gift to a special someone with a custom-designed ornament that will bring remembrance to that gift for years to come. The commemorative ornament might even outlast the gift itself!

Mother of 8 Designs makes plaques, pins, ornaments and magnets for your loved-ones, your company, your fundraiser or just for yourself. In all, they make 160 designs in 20 categories. They even offer custom tiling using intricate, hand-cut tile pieces for your table or desktop using the logo or artwork of your choice as a theme made on a traditional oak base with traditional American craftsmanship, of course. These intricate custom designs are a conversation piece at the very least but will more likely be the envy of the neighborhood.

I personally have some of the Mo8 Designs magnets and the attention to detail and quality is so impressive, I can't imagine how floored I would be if I were to see these designs on a larger scale as part of a desk or table for the home or office.

The photos of these magnets on look great, but they simply cannot duplicate the look of the actual product itself. Once you order and receive some for yourself, you'll know what I mean. I gave some of these magnets as a gift to my parents and they liked them so much that I really had to stand firm on the ones I showed them that I wanted to keep for myself. Yes, the quality is really that good.

You've probably heard before that smaller businesses provide the backbone that makes America tick, and that's entirely true. But smaller businesses often aren't able to export to foreign countries or land contracts with big-name retailers such as Sears, Target and JC Penney like larger companies and corporations can.

So pay a visit to and support smaller American companies that make their products in the USA. They pay the taxes that make the things "We, the People" demand from our country possible. Workers in foreign countries don't pay taxes to America. Only American workers do, including the hard-working Americans at Mo8 Designs.


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