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American Accessories for your American Truck
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
May 18, 2004

Whether you own a Harley-Davidson or are still dreaming of the day of owning one like me, if you have a full-size American truck (sorry Toyota, Honda and Nissan owners), you'll want to contact Pratt Blacksmith Shop in Owatonna, MN.

Pratt Blacksmith Shop manufactures heavy-duty state pocket anchor systems for full-size American trucks, so regardless of what you are hauling, you can rest assured that you are hauling it safely and securely. These anchor blocks are simply the strongest and safest tie-downs you can buy.

Despite offers from various Chinese manufacturers, Bob Racek, the owner of Pratt Blacksmith Shop and website, remains committed to making sure his high-quality anchor blocks are machined right here in America by American machinists. He knows that once America loses production jobs in any industry, there is always a ripple effect that jeopardizes other jobs as well. In fact, statistics show that for every manufacturing job America loses to foreign competition, we lose at least 4 other jobs in other industries.

Bob Racek has been working on Harley-Davidsons since 1972, and his full-service custom shop in Owatonna, MN can support all of your Harley-Davidson needs from machining and parts to custom painting.

So whether you are in the upper Midwest or are just passing through on your way to Sturgis, SD or Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL, stop in and say hello to the fine folks at Pratt Blacksmith Shop or visit them on the web at

And make sure you check out one of those amazing anchor block tie-down products. You won't need to put any holes in the bed of your full-size American truck to use them. You'll feel safer, and so won't the people behind you on the highway because everyone will know your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or whatever else you're hauling, won't be going anywhere.


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