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Hauling American-Made Trailers Across America
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
August 9, 2004

Do you know how easy it is to buy American in a big industry with a big impact on the U.S. economy that uses American steel and American labor? A lot of people think about where all the trucks are made that they see on the roads all across America, but have you ever wondered about the cargo trailers that are so often being pulled behind them?

The next time you see a motorcycle, cargo or race trailer hitched to a truck traveling down the highway, there's a good chance it's one from where you can easily locate your favorite Croft Trailer online. Why? Because they've been around since 1943 and have more or less set the standard for cargo trailers. Croft Trailer is not only the oldest but also the most well-known trailer brand in the industry.

Croft has six factories in St. Louis and Chicago, and their dealerships and service centers are all located in America as well. They have installed no less than 150,000 trailer hitches, and all of them with 100% American steel. They also export from American shores to Europe, Finland and other parts of the world, reversing the trend of setting up shop abroad and re-importing back to the home country.

For being in business as long as they have, Croft Trailer knows the value of a quality product, and that value outweighs the temptation to transfer any of their work overseas. They constantly get offers from countries such as India and Israel to transfer their IT work offshore. But Executive Vice President Jonathan Schenk has a background with IBM, and he has seen first-hand how outsourcing isn't always everything it's cracked up to be. Because of that experience, the only contacts Croft Trailer wants overseas are the customers that are ordering their trailers, which they will gladly ship anywhere in the world from the good ole USA.

Quality products, American labor, setting the standard, making a difference, keeping jobs in America and exporting around the world are not characteristics that make up most of the American companies today, but yet that describes Croft Trailer and the way they do business.

Make a visit to and you'll see exactly what I am talking about. Just about any type of cargo trailer you can think of is available, and they'll custom build it for you right here in the USA as long as you don't mind them using all U.S. steel.


How Americans Can Buy American
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