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American Shrimp from Texas Where Everything is Bigger
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
August 15, 2004

When was the last time you went grocery shopping and decided to pick up some shrimp from the seafood deli? Did you bother to ask or look where the shrimp came from?

The last time I was in this situation was a few months ago at a local Albertson's and I had a craving for some shrimp and some cocktail sauce to dip it in. I hadn't planned on buying shrimp before I went to the store, but as I passed by the seafood deli, I remembered that I hadn't eaten shrimp for quite some time although it is my favorite seafood.

The shrimp, I discovered, came from China. At least I think it did. It didn't really matter - it wasn't American shrimp. I began to wonder how I could buy American shrimp if I was at the mercy of the supermarket. Should I call other seafood delis at other supermarkets in the area and ask them where they get their shrimp?

Since that time, I have fortunately found two websites that have American shrimp from the great state of Texas. The website is for shrimp lovers who want the more-common shrimp size that is found in restaurants and other eating establishments. However, if you want to visit a website that has a reputation for having the biggest shrimp anywhere, visit

Even though our government has moved recently to slap tariffs on imported shrimp, the fact remains that 90% of the shrimp America consumes is imported. Even with the tariffs, imports continue to drive down prices. Some of the bigger American companies can weather the storm of the flood of imports, but smaller family-owned businesses like the folks at and won't have it that easy.

By ordering from either of these two websites, you can get next day service. Your shrimp is individually quick-frozen when caught at sea. Then it comes right off the boats to the packaging plant where it is counted, packaged and individually frozen again before it is sent to wherever you happen to be.

USA American Shrimp and Texas Longhorn Shrimp are also proud members of the Go Texan campaign, which promotes Texas agriculture. The Go Texan logo is certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture and can only be used by product members on products grown, processed or manufactured in Texas. So it's safe to say shrimp imported from China and elsewhere does not have the convenience of having this logo applied to their product.

Now you know how to enjoy America's favorite and number one seafood from the best place on earth - the United States of America. Get it direct from the Texas Gulf Coast delivered right to your door the very next day.


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