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Making the Great Outdoors Truly American
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
September 12, 2004

Part of what makes America great is that we have the freedom to do mostly whatever we want within reason in a free society. Part of what makes some American people great is that when they see a need that is being unmet, they take action to do what is necessary to meet that need when it's good for the country.

That is exactly what Matthew and Beth Bradfield did when they founded Bradfield Outdoor Clothier just over 6 months ago. Matthew and Beth have always had what felt like a lifelong passion for the outdoors, but they also felt that passion was compromised when they discovered it was nearly impossible to find outdoor products made in America.

What bothered them even more was that some of these well-known American brand names continued to use American-sounding themes in their advertising. Here was yet another compromise. American companies advertising American style without the American labor or content in their products to back it up.

So Matthew and Beth created the website to make some of the highest-quality, American-made outdoor clothing available to web-surfers across America. Operating a family-owned business themselves, it was naturally appealing to the Bradfield's to represent some of the few remaining family-owned domestic outdoor apparel producers.

On their website, you'll find outdoor gear and related accessories for men, women and children from gloves, hats, shirts, pants, socks and other classic outerwear. You'll also find travel gear for your outdoor activities like American-made backpacks, utility packs, field bags and travel kits.

You'll want to keep checking back to their website often since they are constantly seeking-out and adding American-made equipment for Americans with a passion for the outdoors. The Bradfield's figure that if you love the outdoors as much as they do, you'll also want to outfit yourself with American-made outdoor gear. After all, American pioneers blazed trails across American dressed in and protected by some of the highest-quality clothing available. Mathew and Beth Bradfield know that with their new website, they are helping to continue that American tradition and hopefully put the brakes on a trend that continues to offer outdoor lovers cheaply-made equipment and apparel from overseas.

At, you'll find the type of clothing that will last a generation, and with proper care, clothing that you'll even be able to hand down to the next one as well.


How Americans Can Buy American
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