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Totally Unique Stuffed Animals at
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 14, 2004

If you are looking for an American-made Christmas gift or any-other-time gift that will totally shock, surprise and delight, shop at where you will find the most realistic and lifelike American-made stuffed animals anywhere.

Kathy's Kreations was founded in Phoenix, AZ in 1983, the website came online in 1997, and customers and clients have been delighted from coast to coast ever since.

You'll find Foxes, Dalmatians, Cheetahs, Cougars, Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Buffalo, Elk, Clydesdales, Giraffes, Sharks, Rattlesnakes, Squirrels, and even a Brontosaurus. Are you getting the idea that there is a lot of variety to be seen on this website? And we aren't just talking about realistic soft sculptures of lifelike animals here either. Kathy's Kreations also has uniquely handcrafted trophy mounts, pillows, golf club covers and bearskin rugs, and they are committed to continuing to expand their already diverse inventory to offer still more items available nowhere else.

As with just about any business, the clients often reveal the quality of the creativity within. With clients such as the Smithsonian Institute, Universal Studios, Department of the Interior and Nation Buffalo Museum, you can rest assured you are going to get top-notch quality design and detail where the true soul of the animal will shine through.

You can expect to pay a little more for such high standards that bring high quality found absolutely nowhere else, but you'll also get strict attention to detail that only Kathy's designing and handcrafting can offer. You will not get this type of quality from any overseas producer, regardless of the company. Even the eyes of the animals are shaped and hand dyed.

So visit to find unique gifts for anyone including yourself that are high-quality, realistic and distinctively American from start to finish.


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