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The Entrepreneurship of Cedar Springs, Michigan
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 21, 2004

When one thinks of American cities with unique entrepreneurs, Cedar Springs, Michigan probably doesn't come to mind that often. But this small town of 3,600 people is home to four unique companies that offer products made nowhere else. And they are all made in USA.

White Creek Tile is probably my personal favorite of the four. At, you'll see hand-crafted, kiln-fired ceramic tiles that are perfect for leaving notes for the kids or daily messages for anyone in the family. No more worrying about what happened to that piece of paper with your notes on it. These write-on tiles can be placed on any table or kitchen counter, they won't scratch, and notes from a dry erase marker wipe off effortlessly with any towel or napkin.

You can choose from all kinds of designs for your tile that won't rub off including floral, birds, sports, animals, farm and nature just to name a few. These designs appear in the upper left corner of the tile and can also be ordered on small magnets that can be used for posting other notes or information on the refrigerator. If you are looking for that unique gift for someone who has everything, this is it. I've already ordered and received some for myself and others to use as Christmas gifts. They really are great.

If you thought it was impossible to find American-made clothing for children in sizes from 3 months to 10, look no further than They have 21 years of design experience, so you can be sure the quality and durability of these clothes have been time-tested. LainaLine started out selling to specialty markets within the state of Michigan, and now their fine clothing is in stores and boutiques all across America.

At you can find children's clothing for boys and girls for any time of the year, and matching accessories are available. You can order now and take advantage of their Fall/Winter items or get a jump on Spring/Summer for next year.

If hunting is your game, or you just like exercising your Second Amendment rights, Grandpa Joe's is a company you'll want to find out more about. Grandpa Joe's offers 100% all-natural deer and game lure. The sweet smell masks the human scent, drawing the deer closer, and it's safe for the environment because it doesn't contain any chemicals or preservatives. Just visit to find game lure for deer, bear and elk.

Decorative hand-painted bottles and glass for everyday uses are waiting for you to discover at Not only will you be adding more color and art to your surroundings, you'll be doing your part in recycling bottles and glass by putting them to good use. Owner Susan Edwards designs and paints each piece. Products include salt & pepper shakers, sugar containers and lotion pump bottles.

I have personally seen products from each of the four Cedar Springs, Michigan companies, and I know you'll be happy to see them too, or see the delighted looks on the faces of those who might receive them as gifts this Christmas. It's great to know that American creativity and innovation is alive and well not only in big American industrial cities, but in small towns like Cedar Springs, Michigan as well.


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