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Grooming American-Style
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
January 10, 2005

When it comes to grooming, Wahl is the company to buy from if you care about "Made in USA." As with most companies these days, it's difficult to find one that has their entire line of products made in America, but the products that Wahl offers that are made here should be able to fulfill your needs so you can put your money where your beliefs are.

Wahl offers three models (that I could find) that proudly display the American flag on the box with "Made in USA" proudly displayed along with it. These three models are the more-expensive kind, so the fact you might pay a little more isn't necessarily because they are made in America.

The Wahl Clip 'n Trim 23-Piece Clipper Kit, HomePro 22-Piece Haircut Kit and Trim 'n Vac Beard and Mustache Trimmer are all made in the USA. Every other comparable brand you might find is made outside the United States. Vidal Sassoon (American owned), Conair (American owned), Remington (American owned), Norelco (a division of Netherlands-based Philips) and Braun (a division of American-owned by Gillette) are all completely foreign made. The only competitor to Wahl that is not completely made in China is Braun, which has some of their products made in Ireland.

It is also worth mentioning that patriotic consumers should also pay attention to where their disposable razors are made. It has recently become apparent that Gillette is making some of their disposable razors offshore, although some are still made in America. Product categories like these that used to be taken for granted can no longer be assumed made in USA. Dial soap, for example, (recently acquired by a German company) makes some of their soap overseas, and Oil of Olay (American owned) imports some of their products as well. It is still entirely possible in most categories to buy American-made products from American-owned companies, but the consumer must be increasingly aware.


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