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Coming Soon - The First "Made in USA" Magazine!
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
April 10, 2005

Get ready for the first-ever magazine that is dedicated to telling the Buy American story as it relates to American jobs and manufacturing, outsourcing and offshoring, and just about anything else that affects the American middle class and the prosperity of this nation.

Julie and Adam Reiser have more than just a great marriage and family. They have a belief that given a choice, American consumers would rather buy American-made products to support American jobs instead of those of other nations. As we all see and hear about fellow Americans losing their jobs, Made in USA Magazine ( promises to raise the awareness of the American consumer, telling the stories, struggles and accomplishments of large and small domestic manufacturers.

Their belief that Americans prefer to buy American products is right on target. Several surveys and polls have consistently shown Americans would rather buy products made in the USA and talk to another American when connecting to a call center for customer service about those products. Their patriotic passion for this country begs to ask the question "why should we use our dollars to build the economies of other nations while our fellow Americans continue to lose their jobs here at home?"

Made in USA Magazine will debut its first bi-monthly issue in June 2005 with a distribution of 300,000. To subscribe to the print edition of the magazine or online edition of the magazine or both, simply visit the website to sign up. Their website includes a search engine, an online catalog for Made in USA products, Made in USA business directory listings, up-to-the-minute business news and headlines and more. It also includes a Business Registrar that is offered for free to any company that manufactures in the U.S. You can subscribe for a full year to both the print edition and the online edition for $36, or for six months for $18.

The magazine will provide thought-provoking articles and editorials showcasing American companies and manufacturers and the men and women behind their compelling stories. As a subscriber myself, I look forward to a magazine that will concentrate on what many publications have missed in telling the American story of the issues and problems facing Americans, their jobs and the economy. There simply is no magazine in print today that concentrates and focuses on the issues that both directly and indirectly affect each and every American, their jobs and prosperity.

Julie and Adam Reiser are well-qualified to spearhead this effort. As most of us know, it is the common American that is oftentimes more qualified to take the true pulse of the nation's economy than the schooled economist who can't see beyond the idealistic lines of an economic textbook. Adam Reiser grew up watching his friend's parents lose their jobs as the local Ford plant closed its doors during the gas crisis of the 1970s. Julie Reiser grew up in the Midwest and watched some of her parent's friends prosper while the American farmer quietly struggled to stay afloat.

Just as any parent would want their children to grow up to be free, independent and self-reliant, we risk losing the ability to make those dreams a reality unless we stop relying on others to supply our nation's basic and everyday wants and needs.

I'm happy to be receiving the first issue of Made in USA Magazine as a subscriber because we not only need to support the American companies and jobs that make America work, but also those who create the awareness to steer patriotic consumers to the right products and services.


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