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Putting the Color Back in Home Organization
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
August 8, 2005

Whenever something around the house wears out or just needs replacing, a challenging question sometimes presents itself: Am I going to be able to find another one like this made in USA?

I was walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day (where I had bought several American-made Wamsutta bath towels a few weeks earlier) and noticed a very nice-looking laundry hamper. My current hamper wasn't broken or worn out, but perhaps I've had it long enough. It certainly doesn't match the surrounding color-scheme anymore like it once did years ago.

The laundry hamper that caught my eye was labeled "Made in China," but when you lifted the top, the underside had a sticker that said "Made in USA." Confusing to say the least.

Luckily, a longtime subscriber to the "Buy American Mention of the Week" recently sent me some information on a company that not only had what I needed but alleviated any confusion as to where their products were made. If you visit, you'll see that they not only have 100% American-made laundry hampers and sorters, but several other neat items for around the house as well. And their prices are very reasonable considering you'll be supporting well-paid American labor with every purchase.

SkyBurst promises to put the color back in home organization with laundry hampers & sorters, knitting bags & needle cases, college laundry bags, shoe baggers and dry cleaning baggers, just to name a few. And their products come in an assortment of colors. For instance, their Triple Bagger Laundry Sorter & Hamper comes in 10 different colors (and happens to be on sale for $54.99) for over 200 different color combinations. But who could resist choosing red, white and blue for their three colors?

Just click on any product you are interested in to view the colors available for that product. With each description, you are proudly reminded that your selection is made in USA among other details.

Unlike traditional laundry hampers, the ones from (as well as other products like drying racks and magazine baggers) fold flat for easy storage when not in use. And since their products are 100% made in USA, you'll be supporting American workers with each and every choice. Even the white pine and birch for their wood drying racks come from renewable forests in New England.

Although many will claim that buying cheaper imports saves consumers money they can use to spend on other products (which may be spent on yet more imported products), President William Harding had a few words to counter this argument. He is quoted as saying "One who values American prosperity and ... American standards of wage[s] and living can have no sympathy with the proposal that easy entry and a flood of imports will cheapen our cost of living. It is more likely to destroy our capacity to buy." With the cost of everything from housing to gasoline going up these days, we need as much capacity to buy as possible.

With so many of the consumer products today coming in from overseas and seemingly often little choice to avoid buying them, it's refreshing to find 100% made in USA products. And it's particularly refreshing to be able to support small- and medium-sized businesses as well, which have been called the backbone of our economy because these businesses employ so many Americans.

Many Americans realize the financial implications of not buying American, but they often are not aware of American-made choices. Awareness is key. Buying American helps reduce America's twin budget and trade deficits by slowing imports and supporting American workers who pay taxes to the U.S. Treasury at the same time. Since workers in foreign countries pay no taxes to America, buying American is a great way for our country to avoid drowning in a sea of red ink, which seems to be our nation's fiscal order of the day.

Avoiding the ever-increasing trend of imports from other countries by patronizing companies like SkyBurst would be a good start. Visit if you're like me and need to replace some of those household goods that maybe you've held onto for just a little too long.


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