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More Ways to Buy American from Union Jean Company
Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
November 23, 2005

If you've been a supporter of the Buy American cause for very long, you've probably noticed the Union Jean Company ( featured on several websites including mine. Just as the How Americans Can Buy American website is a place where Buy American advocates can often agree regardless of whether you happen to be conservative or liberal, republican or democrat or anywhere in between, the Union Jean Company website is a place where you can go to spend your hard-earned American dollars the right way - on American-made products - regardless of political affiliation. It is a place where patriotic consumers can buy products consistent with their values, rewarding American workers and American companies rather than foreign workers and foreign companies.

And if you've been a subscriber to the Buy American Mention of the Week for very long, you have probably noticed that I have mentioned the Union Jean Company in the past. But now that they have expanded their line of American-made apparel into other areas, I wanted to take the time to mention and old favorite of mine, especially right before Christmas when so many consumer purchases are made.

For several years now, the Union Jean Company ( has offered high-quality and competitively-priced denim products. I know because I have many of them myself. But now they have added a brand labeled line of khakis, carpenter jeans, and because of a tremendous outpouring of requests for more female denim products, they will offer a line of women's jeans and denim shirts in 2006. So stay tuned.

Union Jean is a father and son team that has made their version of the American dream a reality. They offer their products to people that have the same concern for our economy and the sustainability of our middle class. By buying American, we can positively respond to both internal and foreign threats to our standard of living. Union Jean believes in American ideals such as entrepreneurship and a democratic government, and that these ideals need to be protected from those who would selfishly disregard our sacred and fragile standard of living for both today's generation as well as future generations.

Union Jean has an extensive line of products including denim shirts and jeans, denim jackets, duck/canvas jackets and coveralls, fleece (including firefighters fleece,) henleys, ladies tees, oxford dress shirts, polo/golf shirts, t-shirts and twill shirts. Not to mention, of course, their newly expanded line of khakis and carpenter jeans.

Especially at this time of year, we should support those who have the same forward-thinking, prosperous vision for America that so many of us do. Right now is the perfect time to check out the Union Jean Company at since you get free shipping on orders of $100 or more, and 10% off khakis, carpenter jeans, polo shirts, oxford dress shirts and twill shirts. And they are also giving away $25 worth of free clothing every month. Just check their website for details. Let's make sure this patriotic company is here to stay so it can serve present and future generations of patriotic consumers.


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