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Our Buy American Mention of the Week!
by Roger Simmermaker
August 18, 2002

We can't always stop foreigners from buying our country, but we can stop giving them the money with which to do it. The second edition of How Americans Can Buy American will be released soon, and there is still time to get free shipping on advance orders. The book is currently at the printer, and will be arriving in early- to mid-September.

This updated and expanded second edition will be hardcover with a full color dust jacket, and have 352 pages. Compared to the first edition published in 1996, which had 203 pages and 7,500 name brand products and services, the second edition will have over 15,000!

Although much of the book distinguishes between American and foreign products and services, 5 chapters are written in traditional paragraph form. The chapters are:

1. Buying American in the Purest Sense of the Term
This chapter discusses how to truly Buy American - beyond just made in USA.

2. The Joy of Statistics
If you ever wanted enough ammunition to put enough holes in any free trade argument so that it resembles Swiss cheese, you'll love this chapter.

3. The New Economy meets the New Reality
The New Economy has brought on its own harsh reality on American workers and investors. This chapter reveals how we got into this mess and what should be done to get us out.

4. Foreign Investment - Good for America?
This chapter reveals why foreign investment actually destroys American jobs rather than create them, and how it puts more American taxpayers on the hook for higher taxes.

5. Myths of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Had you read this chapter before the infamous debate between Ross Perot and Al Gore on Larry King Live, you could have put Al Gore in his place when he claimed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff brought on the Great Depression. You'll also be shocked to learn about how many conservatives - even Ronald Reagan - have fallen for the same politically-correct lie about this infamous tariff bill.

Here are some quotes describing what others have said about the soon-to-be-released second edition of How Americans Can Buy American:

Patrick J. Buchanan:
While many have argued passionately that it is time to put America and Americans first, Roger Simmermaker, in How Americans Can Buy American, shows us how. His book is a patriotic guide to shopping. The American worker and small businessman does not have a better friend.
James A. Traficant, Jr.:
For years I have been working to promote the virtues of buying American-made products. How Americans Can Buy American provides consumers with the information they need to make intelligent, and patriotic, choices when purchasing anything from candy bars to refrigerators to cars. Any American concerned about our economic future should have this book.
Charley Reese:
It's easy to say we should buy American but it's not easy to actually do it. This book goes a long way toward turning a good idea into reality. It is essential for America to once again become as nearly a self-sufficient nation as possible. Mr. Simmermaker has performed a public service.

You'll have to act fast to get free shipping on your order, but you can also use this opportunity to take care of some Christmas shopping early! Your check or money order in the amount of $24.95 per book will not be cashed until your order is ready to be shipped, but I must receive your check before I receive the books for you to get the free shipping.

All orders, both check and credit card, are accepted on our secure online server at USA Shop, and your card will also not be charged until your order is ready to be shipped. And, of course, this book is 100% published and printed in the USA.

We can't always stop foreigners from buying our country, but we can stop giving them the money with which to do it.

Roger Simmermaker, Author
How Americans Can Buy American


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