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How Americans Can Buy American!
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The Apopka Chief
Review of How Americans Can Buy American

December 20, 2002

An economy is about more than making money and getting what we want when we want it. It is about using our talents to care for our families and productively contribute to the community. Free trade destroys that basic role of production in an economy by allowing manufacturers move to the lowest price labor market in the world so they can expand their profits.

Families and communities have no room on the ledger sheets of corporate executives seeking to make an impression stock market investors. On our level, however, our homes and families are important. Having an occupation that makes use of our abilities is fulfilling. Being respected and appreciated by our neighbors affirms our purpose and identity. We have the responsibility to take the steps necessary to preserve those virtues to our economic health. The most important action we can take toward that responsibility is to use our money for products and services that are built and provided by American citizens.

This task can be made easier by investing $24.95 for the latest edition of How Americans Can Buy American, by Orlando resident Roger Simmermaker. Simmermaker is a patriot who believes America's work force to be the backbone of the economy and has used that faith to encourage Americans to practice "Consumer Patriotism".

To get an idea of Simmermaker's passion and a taste of the information in his book simply sign on to and peruse the cover page of his web site. At the very top are the queries, "Who's pockets are you lining? Why not line our own this Christmas?"

These are the two most important questions that every American needs to ask when they make their consumer investments. Although the low prices of foreign-made durable goods can help desires fit into budgets, note need be made that the low price is achieved through exploiting low-wage labor in countries with corrupt and oppressive governments. This should not come as a surprise to anyone in this country because it was similar exploitation during the industrial revolution that inspired the development of American labor unions and eventually the horrible conjectures of Karl Marx in Europe.

In How Americans Can Buy American, Simmermaker explains how to take the "Buy American" slogan from a wish to a lifestyle. He establishes from the first chapter that buying American goes beyond looking for "Made in the USA".

Choosing to Buy American has benefits beyond helping fellow countrymen keep their jobs. "When we buy products from foreign owned companies such as Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, etc., we may support some jobs here in the United States, but we lose in the long run since the profits are siphoned out of the country, and the taxes on those profits are paid to foreign governments - not the American government," reports Simmermaker. "So next time you hear about the fact that there isn't enough money for social security, the health care system is in crisis, or that we are now running a national deficit to increase military spending to fund the war on terrorism, part of the reason is that we have failed to fund the necessary costs of government by making our nation poorer as a result of our everyday consumer purchases."

The community roots of American economy are in desperate need of invigorating. Widespread application of the principles defined in Simmermaker's, How Americans Can Buy American, will go a long way to restoring life to those roots. The suggestion here is before your final purchases for Christmas are made, sign on to and order a copy of How Americans Can Buy American. Your family, neighborhood, and nation will be better for it.

Bob Strodtbeck
The Apopka Chief
December 3, 2002

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