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BAMW: The U.S. can easily win any trade war
America doesn't need a defeatist mentality playing endless, losing games of "Do you like us yet?" with other countries. America can do whatever it wants with the huge, lucrative market that is the envy of every foreign country and producer. We hold the cards. We have the leverage. For once, let's use it.


BAMW: Memo to America: Tariffs on Mexico won't raise consumer prices
Americans are finally learning the free trade doesn't work, and it is nothing more than a horrible, failed attempt to create national prosperity on the cheap.


BAMW: The World Will Never Be Flat
As President William McKinley once said, "I do not prize the word cheap. It is not a badge of honor. It is a symbol of despair. Cheap prices make for cheap goods; cheap goods make for cheap men; and cheap men make for a cheap country."


BAMW: Free trade doesn't lower prices for American consumers - here's proof!
For America's economy to survive and thrive, we need a return back to the 'American System' or risk producing "want and ruin among our people" through "abandonment of the protective policy by the American government" that Abraham Lincoln warned us about.


BAMW: Bringing back the American-made rubber duck
The rubber duck was an American invention before the entire industry moved offshore in search of cheaper labor. But Craig Wolfe's CelebriDucks became the top custom duck manufacturer in the world as well as the only one producing them in the USA - even exporting them to China!


BAMW: American sunglasses for American consumers
If you are looking for a unique brand of sunglasses that differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on frame construction with aircraft-grade aluminum and American-made quality, then look no further than GATORZ sunglasses.


BAMW: Is your toothpaste actually made in the USA?
Davids Natural Toothpaste is offering the 'How Americans Can Buy American' audience a great opportunity to try and buy Davids toothpaste at 20 percent off between now and midnight September 4th.


BAMW: How free trade is ruining America - Part II
If you're a republican (and even if you're not), tell your representatives that the father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, was a protectionist who advocated high tariffs.


BAMW: How free trade is ruining America
Free trade is contrary to what our Founding Fathers had in mind. No founding national document - be it the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Federalist Papers - mentions free trade or free markets in any sense of the terms.


BAMW: China is buying the U.S. one American company at a time
What's the best way for a country like China to exert its influence over the U.S. economy? Acquire American-owned companies like Chinese-owned Haier just did when they purchased General Electric's (GE) appliance business for $5.4 billion. So much for American independence and authentic Independence Day celebrations on July 4th.


BAMW: The only way to save America
is to Buy American

The answer to America's economic problems is right under our nose - right in our own back yards. The answer is to Buy American and end the elusive and financially devastating attractiveness of supposedly cheaper imports. We must Buy American while there is still American left to buy.


BAMW: Make it an American-made Christmas
When we buy American-made Christmas gifts, we aren't just giving a gift to that special someone on our Christmas list. We are also giving an American worker the gift of continued employment so they can enjoy Christmas too and have money to spend on presents for their loved ones.


BAMW: Travel tough with American-made Tough Traveler gear
It doesn't matter if you're traveling for business or for pleasure, or for a long trip or an overnight stay. Or maybe you're just looking for a nice and unique Christmas gift for that special someone. Tough Traveler has you and your precious belongings covered.


BAMW: American-made should light the way
We should do what we can to keep American producers and suppliers providing for our police, military personnel, and firefighters from American shores - not foreign shores. If we patronize the products of American producers regardless of what they produce, we keep them profitable and make it more likely they can keep producing their goods in America.


BAMW: Authentically American quality kitchenware
Jacob Bromwell is one of the few patriotic companies you will find that has never outsourced production to low-wage labor countries to reduce costs because they have faith in the creativity and productivity of American workers.


BAMW: How big does Anheuser-Busch InBev need to get?
The best way to bolster the American economy is to support American-owned and American-made products, which keep jobs, profits and tax revenue circulating within our national borders.


BAMW: Don't tread on Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's
Don't tread on me. That should be how you look at Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's insoles, which are carried in your local Wal-Mart store despite their fairly recent and historic 'Buy American' pledge. The American alternative? Family-owned, American-owned (and American-made) ENER-GEL, whose insoles can be purchased here by going to my USA Shop.


BAMW: Get Schick and flick your BIC (into the trash)
When it comes to disposable razors, if you want to Buy American, Schick is the brand to buy. Schick is an American-owned company and most of their razors are made in America, too.


BAMW: Is your tea from the land of the free?
AriZona tea is not from AriZona, ironically. But it is from New York, making it American through and through.


BAMW: Truly American toothpaste
With Davids, it all comes down to the sustainability of American labor, American profits, American ingredients, American packaging, and American jobs.


BAMW: Free traders: Capitalist champions of unfair competition
Do you like and/or approve of unfair competition? If you're an advocate for free trade you do, whether you realize it or not. You may call yourself a capitalist, but if you approve of free trade, you approve of unfair competition within the capitalist system you propose to support.


BAMW: Buying foreign-owned products and services saps Uncle Sam
How can patriotic consumers that don’t want to see Uncle Sam turned into Uncle Sucker fight back and reduce the draining of American tax coffers? By supporting American-owned companies that make things in the United States.


BAMW: Wear American-made shades this summer
Summer is almost officially here, and when you're out and about in the heat of the sun, you'll want to protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses.


BAMW: Buy American and Free Trade: A Love/Hate Relationship
If you love Buying American, you should hate free trade. Literally. Why? Because you cannot claim to support making it easier for Americans to Buy American and favor free trade at the same time. That is if your goal is a stronger U.S. economy, more jobs here at home, and more prosperous America, at least.


BAMW: Ford and GM trade places for number one in U.S. auto production
Ford and GM, the only two American-owned auto companies left in the U.S. (I refer to them as the “Big Two”), have both expanded American jobs and American investment in America since the dark days of government loans and bailouts.

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Simmermaker's book is a patriot's guide to shopping. The American worker and small businessman does not have a better friend.
- Patrick J. Buchanan

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Do You Know Where Your Car is Made?
- 75 American Made Automobile Listings
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It's easy to say we should buy American but it's not easy to actually do it. 'How Americans Can Buy American' goes a long way toward turning a good idea into reality.
- Charley Reese

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Why Buy American?

     Forty-percent of the world is in recession. New records have been set for both personal and corporate bankruptcies. America's trade deficit continues to escalate to historic levels. The savings rate has turned negative, as the average consumer spends $1.10 for every dollar they earn. Real wages for working Americans have plummeted 19% since 1972 - about the same time we entered into a so-called "global economy." We only vote for our representatives every two or four years, but we vote with our wallets and checkbooks every day!

     How Americans Can Buy American puts the steering wheel controlling our nation's fate in the hands of those who care about it most - The American People. The time has come for ordinary Americans to take control of America's destiny.

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