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Ohio Stoneware continues to thrive and expand
I went to college with Tim, my best friend, and after college, he started his own highly successful company. Tim designed new machines to manufacture this new product along with taking a lot of financial risk. Then some 35 years later, the Chinese communists started buying the product. As time went by, the communists became the biggest customer and spent more and more time at Tim's manufacturing facility. Then when Tim was in his 60s, the communists copied the manufacturing process in China and used cheap labor to put Tim out of business.


Ohio Stoneware continues to thrive and expand
Owner Tiffany Pattison said "There continues to be a desire in this country to buy American-made products, and we have been fortunate to find a niche with products that have not been moved to China and have kept us successful." Their products are long lasting and safe, said Tiffany, free of lead and cadmium. "They can be a family heirloom for generations," she said.


The Coalition for a Prosperous America recently analyzed the Moving Forward Act and found that its five-year, $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment plan could create 2.5 million U.S. jobs by 2025. But here’s something else to consider. If Congress included strict federal “Buy America” provisions in the bill, the overall package could generate a 33% larger boost to the economy — and create a total of 3.3 million jobs by 2025.


January American Legion Magazine reflects on Gulf War lessons
National Commander James W. "Bill" Oxford outlines The American Legion's priorities for the 117th Congress, including a Buddy Check Week, legislation mandating a "Buy American" policy for federal agencies, a fully funded VA and a constitutional amendment to prohibit flag desecration.


The idea of Buying American is popular. A recent poll by TradeVistas, showed overwhelming support for the sentiment among all political leanings. About 75 percent of Americans support a policy mandating that the federal government use domestic suppliers when possible.


The Sunshine Economy: Competing In The Global Mask Market From Miami
Demetech borrowed and invested millions of dollars to make masks. The company created a new business line and, along with it, had kept its 300 workers employed while adding hundreds of jobs. "That was our goal — keep our workers working," said vice president Luis Arguello Jr. "We've on-boarded about 1,000 [new employees] for the PPE side."


BAMW: Support American-made small businesses this Black Friday
The 'Buy American' strategy has always been more than walking into a store, looking at products on the shelves, and hoping that store offers made in the USA merchandise. Many small companies make products in America that aren't on the shelves of big-box stores or on Amazon that deserve our consumer support. So, I have featured three great small companies that I have recently learned about that are of particular interest.


Aphria to Acquire U.S. Brewer for $300 Million
Aphria is reaching across the border for a new acquisition. The Canadian marijuana company announced Wednesday that it has reached an agreement to buy American beer maker SW Brewing Company, also known as SweetWater Brewing. 


FDA Identifies "Essential Medicines" for US
As part of the administration’s campaign to reduce the United States’ reliance on an increasingly global pharmaceutical supply chain and to minimize potential shortages for critical drugs, FDA has published a list of those drugs and medical products considered critical for addressing public health emergencies. The list will provide a basis for bolstering biopharmaceutical production at home of essential medicines and medical products and for addressing supply chain vulnerabilities. 


No Stop And Go
A total of 70 steel gantries have been installed at 58 tolling points on the Thruway’s ticketed system. The gantries will replace the current toll plazas, which are scheduled to be removed in Phase 2 of the project, which will finish in the fall of 2021. The gantries were built utilizing approximately 3.5 million pounds of 100% American-made steel and hundreds of New York workers in accordance with the “New York Buy American” Act at LMC Industrial Contractors Inc. in Livingston County.

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Simmermaker's book is a patriot's guide to shopping. The American worker and small businessman does not have a better friend.
- Patrick J. Buchanan

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It's easy to say we should buy American but it's not easy to actually do it. 'How Americans Can Buy American' goes a long way toward turning a good idea into reality.
- Charley Reese

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     Forty-percent of the world is in recession. New records have been set for both personal and corporate bankruptcies. America's trade deficit continues to escalate to historic levels. The savings rate has turned negative, as the average consumer spends $1.10 for every dollar they earn. Real wages for working Americans have plummeted 19% since 1972 - about the same time we entered into a so-called "global economy." We only vote for our representatives every two or four years, but we vote with our wallets and checkbooks every day!

     How Americans Can Buy American puts the steering wheel controlling our nation's fate in the hands of those who care about it most - The American People. The time has come for ordinary Americans to take control of America's destiny.

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