Index of 'Buy American Mention of the Week' Articles.

written by Roger Simmermaker


BAMW: Support American-made small businesses this Black Friday
The 'Buy American' strategy has always been more than walking into a store, looking at products on the shelves, and hoping that store offers made in the USA merchandise. Many small companies make products in America that aren't on the shelves of big-box stores or on Amazon that deserve our consumer support. So, I have featured three great small companies that I have recently learned about that are of particular interest.


BAMW: The U.S. must beat China one, if by land, and two, if by space
We are already in danger of witnessing China's surpassing the United States in critical areas economically, technologically, and militarily. Fortunately, Senator Cory Gardener (R-CO) has proposed two amendments to a NASA appropriations bill, which would make it easier for us to determine if agency contractors are linked to Chinese companies. After all, Chinese companies and Chinese communism are one and the same. Despite contrary arguments by the communist party, Chinese companies cannot operate independently from the state.


BAMW: American action alert: Sign the petition to help our farmers and ranchers!
The United States economy suffers a $13.6 billion annual loss to its largest sector of American agriculture: the U.S. cattle industry. Because of this injustice, I am inviting every American to join a national grassroots campaign to raise awareness for immediate legislative or executive action to reinstate M-COOL for beef to support America’s hardworking cattle farmers and ranchers.


BAMW: Our Founding Fathers Rejected FREE TRADE And So Should We
If we were ever to lose our status as the world’s number one superpower to China, we would no longer be in the best position to spread our version of democracy and worldviews around the globe. Instead of exporting democracy, we would be exporting hypocrisy as no nation would follow or listen to a world power that is not number one.


BAMW: No more farmed or foreign fish!
Did you know that farmed salmon is naturally gray and often dyed pink so that it looks like consumers have come to expect? Alaska exports two-thirds of its sustainably-harvested seafood to foreign markets such as China and Japan. U.S. consumers have unknowingly downgraded their own seafood supply. It is quite ironic that the United States exports the very best fish and imports some of the worst seafood alternatives.


BAMW: Davids is tops in toothpaste for your teeth
I proudly use Davids natural toothpaste and have for about five years now, which is made in the USA and uses 98 percent U.S. ingredients (two percent come from Japan since they are not available in the United States). Zero elements come from China, so we are dealing only with first world countries and primarily the United States, of course.


BAMW: Your American-made answer for housewares and kitchenware
Jacob Bromwell has been making kitchenware and housewares products in American since 1819, making in the oldest known manufacturer of tin and stainless steel products in the United States.


BAMW: Time to rid ourselves of over-dependence on foreign nations
40% of Americans said they wouldn't buy products from China, and 86% of respondents say the U.S. relies too heavily on foreign supply chains.


BAMW: U.S. consumers need awareness and flexibility with their purchases
The outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S. puts Americans at obvious risk for their health. Beyond that, the fallout may be felt by American consumers when the products they want and need become unavailable due to our dependency (over-dependency) upon Chinese imports.


BAMW: Prominent American Products
Any pro-Buy American person should love my new book due out in January, titled UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Our Founding Fathers Rejected FREE TRADE And So Should We. Why should pro-Buy American people be advocates of U.S. import tariffs? Because anything that makes U.S. products more competitive and attractive to the U.S. consumer is a good thing! Buy foreign, pay the tariff. Buy American, avoid the tariff.


BAMW: Reserve Roger Simmermaker's new book - get two FREE books!
UNCONSTITUTIONAL shines new light on the trade issue and reveal perspectives being entirely missed by the media. With your advance order, you'll get a FREE copy of the third edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism and My Company 'Tis of Thee: 50 Patriotic American Companies American Consumers Should Know About. Simply reserve your order between now and December 31. Send no money now. You will be notified in January 2020 when the book is available.


BAMW: Sign the petition to strengthen the Made in USA standard!
It's time to strengthen enforcement of the "Made in USA" standard. Tell the FTC to stand up for American manufacturers, workers, and consumers and penalize companies that cheat the system! That's the only way these cheaters that have no loyalty to the United States of America will stop.


BAMW: Rejecting the religion that is free trade
It is no secret that free traders worship free trade as a religion. Syndicated columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan once said free traders worshiped at the "altar of efficiency" since they advocate lower prices as an end game and ultimate goal.


BAMW: China's Economic Aggression Threatens U.S. Energy Independence
China is operating out of the playbook it used for electronics, furniture, textiles, apparel, footwear, and the like, which says one must sell at prices low enough to drive out the competition. Then, after China has driven out the formidable competition, it can control the market it seeks to dominate.


BAMW: A common-sense bipartisan reform to protect and create American jobs
Advocates of this domestic-driven reform maintain, and I agree, that this will level the playing field for smaller retailers, protect American jobs, and protect consumers from price spikes at the gas pump. This is the kind of reform that we need, and that we should all be supporting.


BAMW: What those who oppose steel and aluminum tariffs really oppose
So, free traders who are against steel and aluminum tariffs because they think consumers will end up paying higher prices must also be advocates for a higher unemployment rate.


BAMW: Why U.S. steel and aluminum import tariffs make sense
The United States is not starting a trade war. We are responding to a trade war previously initiated by several foreign countries, many of which have discriminated against U.S. exports for decades.


BAMW: How to eliminate imported food completely from your diet
The prices are reasonable, the food is great, and all food and ingredients are sourced from the USA. That's especially important to me to know that I'm supporting local farmers, food growers, and producers right here in America. Absolutely nothing is imported with the Fresh Meal Plan.


BAMW: Reforming the tax code - American style
Two-thirds of Americans say they are "very frustrated" with tax loopholes used by corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. It's time to listen to the American people when they speak so overwhelmingly with one voice.


BAMW: The unassuming washing machine has free trade on spin cycle
Our government works to protect and defend American companies like Whirlpool and the employment of many thousands of its U.S. workers as they should. And we as consumers can do our part, too. Every time we need to buy a new appliance, we can put Whirlpool at the top of our list. And each time we do it, we'll be feeling the power our wallets have in supporting other Americans.


BAMW: What if Things Were Made in America Again?
In his book, Mr. Stuber is quick to point out that American politics doesn't always work in the best interest of America. Far from it. If you're a critic of free trade like I am, you know this to be true.


BAMW: Free Trade: A Defeatist Mindset
In the minds of free traders, America simply cannot win on trade. Free and open trade undoubtedly causes injury to American workers and industries, since we give foreign producers lower-cost access to American consumers.


BAMW: Why Doesn't Chick-fil-A support 'Made in USA'?
So imagine my disbelief when I discovered that the new, promotional Chick-fil-A t-shirts offered at the restaurant in my area are made in Nicaragua. How does that support my local community or other communities where Chick-fil-A operates?


BAMW: The original and the best - Jacob Bromwell
Sometimes the original and the oldest in any industry represents the best that industry has to offer. And that is certainly true when you consider Jacob Bromwell, which is the oldest kitchenware and housewares manufacturer in America. They also happen to be America's oldest manufacturer of tin and stainless steel.


BAMW: Order a quality knife,
get a FREE flashlight

This is your quality, all-purpose and car emergency tool set that you'll want to keep with you wherever you go and whenever it is practical or necessary for your safety and peace of mind.


BAMW: The myth of 'Made in USA doesn't matter'
The only way we can sustain ourselves and the independence of our nation is to buy American-made products from American-owned companies, thereby keeping jobs, profits, and tax revenue within our national borders.


BAMW: Free Trade is Unconstitutional
Our current twin deficits (budget and trade) along with our bourgeoning national debt under free trade compared to our trade surpluses and lack of a national debt under mostly protectionist policies up until the mid-1970s should leave no doubt of the following: For the United States, free trade equals failure and protectionism equals prosperity.


BAMW: Lighting the way with American-made
So if you're in the market for a professional quality LED flashlight, I would encourage you to check out the American-made Nighthawk 2D LED flashlight which you can get for a price that would normally get you much less than professional, American-made quality.


BAMW: The main cause of our national debt: Free trade
Want to get rid of our burgeoning national debt? Then get rid of free trade and the resulting trade deficits that created it.


BAMW: It's very easy to defend protectionism
Free trade is based on consumption. Protectionism is based on production. We cannot consume our way to national prosperity. To prosper, we must produce and protect those American workers who do from predatory foreign competition, of which there is never a shortage.


BAMW: The U.S. can easily win any trade war
America doesn't need a defeatist mentality playing endless, losing games of "Do you like us yet?" with other countries. America can do whatever it wants with the huge, lucrative market that is the envy of every foreign country and producer. We hold the cards. We have the leverage. For once, let's use it.


BAMW: Memo to America: Tariffs on Mexico won't raise consumer prices
Americans are finally learning the free trade doesn't work, and it is nothing more than a horrible, failed attempt to create national prosperity on the cheap.


BAMW: The World Will Never Be Flat
As President William McKinley once said, "I do not prize the word cheap. It is not a badge of honor. It is a symbol of despair. Cheap prices make for cheap goods; cheap goods make for cheap men; and cheap men make for a cheap country."


BAMW: Free trade doesn't lower prices for American consumers - here's proof!
For America's economy to survive and thrive, we need a return back to the 'American System' or risk producing "want and ruin among our people" through "abandonment of the protective policy by the American government" that Abraham Lincoln warned us about.


BAMW: Bringing back the American-made rubber duck
The rubber duck was an American invention before the entire industry moved offshore in search of cheaper labor. But Craig Wolfe's CelebriDucks became the top custom duck manufacturer in the world as well as the only one producing them in the USA - even exporting them to China!


BAMW: American sunglasses for American consumers
If you are looking for a unique brand of sunglasses that differentiates itself from the competition by focusing on frame construction with aircraft-grade aluminum and American-made quality, then look no further than GATORZ sunglasses.


BAMW: Is your toothpaste actually made in the USA?
Davids Natural Toothpaste is offering the 'How Americans Can Buy American' audience a great opportunity to try and buy Davids toothpaste at 20 percent off between now and midnight September 4th.


BAMW: How free trade is ruining America - Part II
If you're a republican (and even if you're not), tell your representatives that the father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, was a protectionist who advocated high tariffs.


BAMW: How free trade is ruining America
Free trade is contrary to what our Founding Fathers had in mind. No founding national document - be it the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Federalist Papers - mentions free trade or free markets in any sense of the terms.


BAMW: China is buying the U.S. one American company at a time
What's the best way for a country like China to exert its influence over the U.S. economy? Acquire American-owned companies like Chinese-owned Haier just did when they purchased General Electric's (GE) appliance business for $5.4 billion. So much for American independence and authentic Independence Day celebrations on July 4th.


BAMW: The only way to save America
is to Buy American

The answer to America's economic problems is right under our nose - right in our own back yards. The answer is to Buy American and end the elusive and financially devastating attractiveness of supposedly cheaper imports. We must Buy American while there is still American left to buy.


BAMW: Make it an American-made Christmas
When we buy American-made Christmas gifts, we aren't just giving a gift to that special someone on our Christmas list. We are also giving an American worker the gift of continued employment so they can enjoy Christmas too and have money to spend on presents for their loved ones.


BAMW: Travel tough with American-made Tough Traveler gear
It doesn't matter if you're traveling for business or for pleasure, or for a long trip or an overnight stay. Or maybe you're just looking for a nice and unique Christmas gift for that special someone. Tough Traveler has you and your precious belongings covered.


BAMW: American-made should light the way
We should do what we can to keep American producers and suppliers providing for our police, military personnel, and firefighters from American shores - not foreign shores. If we patronize the products of American producers regardless of what they produce, we keep them profitable and make it more likely they can keep producing their goods in America.


BAMW: Authentically American quality kitchenware
Jacob Bromwell is one of the few patriotic companies you will find that has never outsourced production to low-wage labor countries to reduce costs because they have faith in the creativity and productivity of American workers.


BAMW: How big does Anheuser-Busch InBev need to get?
The best way to bolster the American economy is to support American-owned and American-made products, which keep jobs, profits and tax revenue circulating within our national borders.


BAMW: Don't tread on Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's
Don't tread on me. That should be how you look at Chinese-made Dr. Scholl's insoles, which are carried in your local Wal-Mart store despite their fairly recent and historic 'Buy American' pledge. The American alternative? Family-owned, American-owned (and American-made) ENER-GEL, whose insoles can be purchased here by going to my USA Shop.


BAMW: Get Schick and flick your BIC (into the trash)
When it comes to disposable razors, if you want to Buy American, Schick is the brand to buy. Schick is an American-owned company and most of their razors are made in America, too.


BAMW: Is your tea from the land of the free?
AriZona tea is not from AriZona, ironically. But it is from New York, making it American through and through.


BAMW: Truly American toothpaste
With Davids, it all comes down to the sustainability of American labor, American profits, American ingredients, American packaging, and American jobs.


BAMW: Free traders: Capitalist champions of unfair competition
Do you like and/or approve of unfair competition? If you're an advocate for free trade you do, whether you realize it or not. You may call yourself a capitalist, but if you approve of free trade, you approve of unfair competition within the capitalist system you propose to support.


BAMW: Buying foreign-owned products and services saps Uncle Sam
How can patriotic consumers that don't want to see Uncle Sam turned into Uncle Sucker fight back and reduce the draining of American tax coffers? By supporting American-owned companies that make things in the United States.


BAMW: Wear American-made shades this summer
Summer is almost officially here, and when you're out and about in the heat of the sun, you'll want to protect your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses.


BAMW: Buy American and Free Trade: A Love/Hate Relationship
If you love Buying American, you should hate free trade. Literally. Why? Because you cannot claim to support making it easier for Americans to Buy American and favor free trade at the same time. That is if your goal is a stronger U.S. economy, more jobs here at home, and more prosperous America, at least.


BAMW: Ford and GM trade places for number one in U.S. auto production
Ford and GM, the only two American-owned auto companies left in the U.S. (I refer to them as the "Big Two"), have both expanded American jobs and American investment in America since the dark days of government loans and bailouts.


BAMW: Fifteen sure-fire ways to Buy American in 2015
Here are fifteen sure-fire ways to buy American in 2015 using the money we're already going to spend anyway.


BAMW: True American authenticity in manufacturing from Jacob Bromwell
Using the same authentic materials since 1819, Jacob Bromwell products are made with All-American materials such as tin, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, with the help of elbow grease and some pretty darned old machinery (which works just as well as the day it was built)! By using these materials, Jacob Bromwell products remain 100% authentic from the day they were created.


BAMW: Pentagon funnels billions to foreign factories ignoring Buy American laws
Senator Murphy says that the Pentagon is funding foreign factories to the tune of $160 billion dollars over the last seven years, costing an untold number of American jobs.


BAMW: States skirt past federal Buy American bans
Enactment of more Buy American laws would clearly mean more American jobs, profits, and tax revenue within the borders of the United States. And if you're interested in the furthering the growth of the American economy, that's a good thing.


BAMW: Walgreens avoided the politically-forbidden fruit. Will others?
Corporate tax inversions are the talk of the town these days. When I sat down to write this article, I had planned on slamming Walgreens and Burger King for their corporate inversion, tax-treason trickery plan to abandon America, transfer technical ownership to a foreign country, and leave their domestic corporate competitors (those who have not decided to renounce their U.S. citizenship) holding the tax-bill bag.


BAMW: Buy American bills fail to invite retaliation from key trading partner
The latest ironclad evidence that Buy American laws do not automatically attract similar buy-domestic laws in other countries can be found within the borders of our immediate neighbors to the North - Canada.


BAMW: I propose a toast to truly American beer
According to the Brewers Association, there are over 2,700 craft breweries in the U.S., many of which serve authentic American-brewed, American-owned beer.


BAMW: All American Coupon Book saves you money on American products
I was delighted to find out that there is a new all-American coupon book that focuses on helping consumer patriots save money on American-made goods while we fulfill the obligation that many of us feel in supporting American jobs and the American economy with our purchases.


BAMW: Coming soon: The first-ever 'Buy American' shopping show!
The fine folks at are on a mission to give patriotic-minded people like you and me a QVC-style program we can watch that features only American-made goods made by only American-owned companies! It's called the Buy American Shopping Show and it's coming soon!


BAMW: Stop the free trade madness and protect Buy American provisions
Right off the bat, it's important to know that the TPP would make any "Buy American" or "Buy Local" laws or preferences illegal. The benefit, we are told, in waiving Buy American procurement policies is that we would avoid potential "Buy Malaysia" laws from Malaysia, "Buy Singapore" laws from Singapore, etc.


BAMW: Stay active and motivated with sport & fitness accessories
If you're the type of person that has a passion for fitness or sports - or if you simply like to stay active - and you like to listen to music on your mp3 or smartphone while doing it, you'll want to take a look at four new American-made products in the USA Shop by American-owned Topcor that are sure to help keep you motivated.


BAMW: 2014 New Year's Resolution for Congress: Stop Funding Foreign Factories!
The Buy American Project is a new non-profit organization -- founded by the author of this article - that focuses on emphasizing to our legislators the advantages of Buying American to our nation. The issues raised in this article represent examples of what we talk about to both Republicans and Democrats in Washington when we advocate and discuss pro-Buy American legislation with members of Congress.


BAMW: Order a "Buy American!" shirt, and get unlimited books for just 5 bucks each!
Just pick the shirt color and size that you like, and then add any number of Roger Simmermaker's two books to your order for just $5.00 - postage paid!


BAMW: When 'Made in America' doesn't mean American made
Our federal government has failed to establish reasonable labeling standards to properly educate American consumers so they can make buying decisions based on their own personal values. There are numerous loopholes in the current Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) guidelines according to the research of Michele Nash-Hoff, author of Can American Manufacturing be Saved?


BAMW: Show your support for John Ratzenberger's new American Made TV Series!
John Ratzenberger is back and he's starting a new TV series called John Ratzenberger's American Made. You may also remember John Ratzenberger as Cliff Clavin the mailman on Cheers or his many voice parts in Pixar's feature films like Toy Story and the Cars series.


BAMW: Uniquely American Christmas ideas from the USA Shop!
If you haven't visited the USA Shop link on the 'How Americans Can Buy American' website lately, you might be in for a pleasant surprise if you're looking for exclusive American-made goods that are often found nowhere else.


BAMW: Despite patriotic pledge, Walmart threatens to destroy another American-made company
The folks at ENER-GEL know that small manufacturing companies are vital to the growth and prosperity of America. Over the past 20 years, they've created American jobs and purchased raw materials, packaging, and equipment from other American companies. Walmart's dismissal of this family-owned American company will unfortunately have job-loss ripple effects on these other domestic producers beyond ENER-GEL unless patriotic-minded Americans move to support them when possible.


BAMW: How to bolster pro-Buy American legislation
To help make sure Washington gets the message about the powerful and positive impact that Buying American has on our economy, a non-profit, appropriately named the Buy American Project, has been founded to encourage our legislators to support common-sense, pro-Buy American legislation.


BAMW: Top quality cooking for around your kitchen or your campfire
More and more Americans today deplore the practice of outsourcing solely to take advantage of selling to the American market while undercutting American producers who proudly employ American workers. Few American companies have exclusively employed only Americans for longer than Jacob Bromwell has.


BAMW: The future of foot care - made in America!
When I used the Footmate System for the first time, I felt a tingling sensation and the feeling of greater blood circulation in my legs.


BAMW: Sign the petition to ban Chinese-processed chicken!
Let's put a stop to this blatantly unsafe and unnecessary concession and let it be known that we don't want any chicken from China coming to America! Sign the White House petition on the website, and alert every like-minded concerned citizen that you know, encouraging them to do the same.


BAMW: Friends don't let friends wear foreign sunglasses
So here's your chance to make sure you're sporting American-made sunglasses for the rest of the sun-filled days this year and beyond, and let everyone know you support the 'Buy American' cause at the same time.


BAMW: Not licking your chops for Chinese Chicken?
Then sign this White House petition!

Chinese-processed chicken will soon become a reality in America, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), unless the American people are willing to make a move right now to stop it!


BAMW: Buying American in Simple American Style
Where can you browse American, buy American, and enter for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate on an exclusive made-in-USA-only website at the same time? At the new all-American e-commerce site!


BAMW: American cars should run on American tires
You can't bolster American independence by fostering foreign dependency. But that's exactly what you would be doing if you were to buy Cooper brand tires next time the tread runs thin on the ones that are on your car now.


BAMW: Finally, a more-accurate American-ness auto index
Everyone has a different definition of what makes a car or truck truly American, and there is plenty of data to either create or support your own criteria for what is American and what isn't. In my opinion, however, the Kogod Made in America Auto Index is the best because it is the most accurate and most inclusive.


BAMW: Connecting patriotic businesses and consumers
Ameriloop was founded two years ago as a social insourcing community to connect American businesses, farmers, manufacturers, supplies, and retailers with American customers and consumers.


BAMW: Here's the skinny on American-made sunglasses
These OSHA approved American-made sunglasses have UV 400 rated shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses and comfort grip adjustable arms, and come with a micro-fiber carrying case. They are also engraved with the words 'Buy American' on the front so that everyone will know how important it is to you that you purchase American products whenever possible by wearing American-made sunglasses.


BAMW: Are you prepared for Chinese pork on your plate?
We can't always stop foreign-owned companies from buying our American-owned companies, land, and factories, but we can stop giving them the money with which to do it.


BAMW: An Old Country Store with old-fashioned values
In many ways, Cracker Barrel's business really is synonymous with tried-and-true American values. Whether it's treating people fairly, with dignity and mutual respect, encouraging those with the drive and talent to succeed, or giving people a fair deal at a fair price, sticking to values like these has rewarded the company with the praise and loyalty of guests.


BAMW: Buying American-made or Buying American?
... it's easier to 'Buy American' instead of just buying 'American made' than most people might think, and unless we have some type of strong brand loyalty in a particular area, any brand will do at about the same price. So let's vote with our dollars and 'Buy American' where we can and when we can, so we can keep jobs, profits, and tax revenue within our national borders where they should be.


BAMW: Re-thinking re-shoring
Everyone has heard of outsourcing and offshoring, but not everyone realizes the negative economic consequences to the nation that results from the closing of domestic manufacturing plants and the shipping of those jobs overseas.


BAMW: All-American food and beverage
With great American companies like these, enjoying American food and drink for yourself and all the loved ones in your life (including pets) is better for your health and for the American economy all at the same time!


BAMW: American apparel and accessories for all ages
So there you have it! Five great ways to keep yourself covered from head to toe with American-made apparel and accessories, courtesy of American workers that help keep our economy strong!


BAMW: Advocating all-American e-commerce
Hopefully the number of ecommerce sites that sell only American-made goods will grow along with more significant sales so that the U.S. Department of Commerce will have good reason to track those sales.


BAMW: Kicking Heinz Ketchup to the curb
Friday, February 15th was a sad day for a ketchup-lover like me after hearing the report that American-owned Heinz was going to be jointly bought out by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian-backed private-equity firm 3G Capital.


BAMW: Pondering Walmart's patriotic pledge
It's no secret that if you have a product that could be carried by Walmart, you want Walmart to carry it. But if your good is domestically produced, Walmart has a history of pressuring you to cut your costs to a point that many companies have had to lay off workers, or shutter their American factories altogether and move overseas in order to meet Walmart's price demands.


BAMW: Charlie Wilson was right
Americans have many, many reasons to support a home-team company like GM. When they do, they're contributing more to their country's prosperity than if they bought an automobile from a foreign automaker, regardless of where it was built.


BAMW: Ford's bold moves are paying off
Few companies in any industry have taken such bold moves as Ford. And fortunately, for this American company and the American people as well, their persistence in swimming upstream has resulted in well-deserved success.


BAMW: Keeping American factories kicking with American boots
The Weinbrenner Shoe Company (WSC) of Wisconsin is one of a few remaining American footwear companies still making work boots in the USA....


BAMW: A Made in America Christmas for 2012
When Christmas comes around, we can provide a much needed boost for our economy not by spending more, but rather by using the money that we're already planning on spending anyway to buy America-made goods.


BAMW: Putting patriotic Americans at the economy's steering wheel
My Company 'Tis of Thee puts every American in the driver's seat when it comes to steering the global economy in a direction that best benefits the United States of America. Consumer can't hope to help create a strong economy by making purchases without being aware of which ones are the most beneficial to the economy they are trying to strengthen.


BAMW: Keep Small Business Saturday Going
Not only do the owners of Made in USA Shop promise that any product you order from them will be made in America, but they can also assure you that they will be adding to their already impressive inventory. Fortunately, more manufacturing jobs are steadily returning to America's shores as the economy starts to recover, and the made in USA Shop stands ready to keep those jobs here by offering more and more American-made goods.


BAMW: New Buy American book just in time for Christmas!
If you are looking for a truly unique Christmas gift, you're an advocate of Buy American, and you want to help others buy American at the same time, then you'll want to consider pre-ordering My Company 'Tis of Thee: 50 Patriotic American Companies American Consumers Should Know About.


BAMW: American banks should lend to American small businesses
American Aisle is still looking to re-open as the brick-and-mortar store it was before. It is still hoping that someday banks will do their duty and lend like they are supposed to in order to help hard-working Americans who probably have their accounts at those same banks!


BAMW: American-made apparel for the youngest Americans
I am so happy that I became aware of a company in Michigan called Laina Line over seven years ago, and I've been pointing patriotic consumers to their website ever since. In short, if you thought it was impossible to find American-made clothing for children in sizes from 6 weeks to 10 years of age, you really need to look no further than


BAMW: An American-made marketing mindset
Finding American-made products at brick-and-mortar stores is becoming more common as these stores spring up across the nation. But big kudos go to Norton's USA, as they were an early pioneer in what is becoming one of today's national trends.


BAMW: Dotting the landscape with domestic-only stores
If you've ever entertained the thought of opening your own store of American-made products, Hometown USA Stores stands ready to help you. They've developed their own system, and it's one that's a proven success. Now they're looking for patriotic-minded entrepreneurs and investors who want to partner with Hometown USA Stores to keep a dream alive; it's a dream of an American landscape dotted with stores that stock and sell only American products.


BAMW: Are you ready for 'Made in the World' labels?
The World Trade Organization apparently sees a problem with the widely-held American view that we are far too immersed in imports as a country these days. Yes, the WTO says there is a problem with the nationalistic view that "I must try to reduce my imports and increase my exports" even when our record trade deficits continue to impede economic growth, kill American jobs, and slow the economic recovery.


BAMW: Is your computer assembled in America?
If you're in the market for a desktop or laptop for any purpose (or even a server), contact Systemax. When an American customer service representative answers your call, ask how they can create an American-assembled computer, one that will fit all of your needs, whatever they may be.


BAMW: Buy American advocacy
Because of your support for the not-for-profit Buy American Project, we were able meet with Rep. Tammy Baldwin and make the case for the Buy American cause and convince her to join the Buy American Caucus.


BAMW: Made in America advocacy
The Made in USA Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting American-made products, invites you to create demand through your actions, both as a consumer and as a proactive American citizen.


BAMW: All-American store creates American jobs
Since opening day on April 3, 2010, Made in America Store owner Mark Andol has been able to boast that all of the products in his brick-and-mortar store are 100 percent made in USA.


BAMW: A truly all-American market
If you shop at Bert's All-American Market in Littleton, Colorado, you can be absolutely sure that absolutely nothing is imported, whether it's farm fresh fruits and vegetables, salsa, sauces, seafood, eggs, bakery items, sodas, meats, bath items, household cleaners, or organic foods. Even the coffee is American.


BAMW: Traveling with American-made in mind
Ever since Tough Traveler started doing business over 40 years ago, they have remained true to "Made in USA" and everything it stands for. So you can feel confident they'll be there for you to make sure you're happy with your American-made product.


BAMW: America's best ladder is American-made
With Little Giant, you get a great, high-quality, sturdy, long-lasting, American-made ladder with all kinds of optional accessories. In addition to the free work platform you'll get with your order, you can order a ladder rack, project tray, cargo hold, wing span, airdeck, or leg leveler.


BAMW: American-made products for American fundraisers
This group is about helping organizations find American-made fundraising ideas. And in doing so they are creating a perfect win-win situation: they're helping folks raise money for good causes, and they're helping them support American jobs at the same time. Their name? A Day To Market America.


BAMW: American store stocks hard-to-find American products
More and more Americans are searching for 'made in USA' goods these days, so it's good to know there are websites out there to help us find those American-made - and union-made - products that many patriotic consumers are seeking.


BAMW: Keeping a resurgent American industry in America
Silverware is one of those categories where an abundance of cheap, Chinese-made offerings abound on the shelves of retail stores across America.


BAMW: "Select Seconds" Sale
If you've thought about ordering your own copy of "How Americans Can Buy American" and aren't necessarily concerned about it being in museum-style condition, then the "Select Seconds Sale" is for you.


BAMW: Truly American Tuna
If you're like me and love tuna, perhaps you've felt a little constrained in enjoying it as often as you like for a couple of reasons.


BAMW: Coming soon to a store near you: American-made HDTVs!
If you're like me and you've been holding on to your old American-made tube-type TV in hopes there will someday be an American-made HDTV, your time has come!


BAMW: Sustainable American Products for a Sustainable American Economy
If you're looking for a uniquely American gift idea that makes an ideal hostess, wedding, or holiday gift, you'll want to check out Kentucky Cutting Boards.


BAMW: Going solar and buying American
Every now and then, I'm asked why I sometimes write about companies that have less than 100 percent American content in their products. It's a very good question, and I have an answer that is equally as good.


BAMW: Creating an American-made Christmas
Christmas is not only a special time of the year to give to your loved ones and those on your Christmas list. It's also a special opportunity to give and help guarantee prosperity to other American workers you don't know and who aren't on your Christmas list.


BAMW: Bill O'Reilly sells foreign-made goods to "Restore the USA"
Bill O'Reilly is making a mockery of what it means to "Restore the USA" in his O'Reilly store online by offering to sell pens made in China, hats made in Vietnam, Pakistan, or China, and shirts made in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, or Nicaragua.


BAMW: Choose Made in USA
One of the cherished freedoms we have in America is the freedom to choose.


BAMW: American drapes and blinds
Two characteristics that provide crystal clear evidence of just how committed certain companies are to "Buying American" are how and where they place their information on their website declaring all of their products are "made in USA."


BAMW: "Buy American!" shirt sale...get a FREE book
For a very limited time, buy any two "Buy American!" shirts and get a FREE copy of the third edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism!


BAMW: Making furniture the American way
When you're in the mood and the market to buy furniture, it makes sense to not only buy it for reasons that matter to you, but also for reasons that matter to the health and prosperity of our country as well.


BAMW: Buying an American-made Camry is not buying American
A few auto review websites have recently listed the U.S.-built Toyota Camry as the apparent "most American vehicle" for 2012. The problem with this declaration is that it is determined on criteria that is simplistic at best.


BAMW: American-made t-shirts for kids
Have you often found it difficult locating American-made clothing for your kids? And if you don't have children or grandchildren, maybe you've found it difficult searching for an American-made gift for birthdays for children that they will surely like?


BAMW: Quality American-made and tanned leather
One area where there is a huge difference in quality between American-made, and say, Chinese-made products, but not such a big difference in price, is in the area of hand-made leather products.


BAMW: An American blender that really blends
So whether it's mixed drinks, smoothies, whole juices, batters, ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, sauces, dressings, syrups, breads, appetizers, entrees, desserts, cookies, cakes, or pies, Blendtec has an American-made blender for you that's up to the task.


BAMW: Join the Buy American Project!
We saw the lack of pro-buy American legislation and pro-American manufacturing legislation coming out of congress, and we saw a need to give Americans a united voice behind a patriotic cause we all believed in. For these reasons, the non-profit Buy American Project was established.


BAMW: The All-American mixing machine
It's difficult to buy American-made small kitchen appliances these days. That's one reason that it's refreshing to know that there are companies like Vitamix that make all of their blenders and other products in the United States at their world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.


BAMW: Saving America's Superpower Status
Even though less that 10 percent of working Americans holds a factory job, which pales in comparison to nearly 33 percent half a century ago, the increasing and undeniable consensus is that American-made definitely matters.


BAMW: Made Here, Baby!
One question I am asked fairly often is about how to find American-made clothes and other products for children, as it is often much easier to find items like clothes and shoes suited for adults than it is for children and teens that are made in the USA.


BAMW: Maintaining America's manufacturing might
As patriotic Americans consider the ongoing and consistent trade deficits that have become so commonplace to America's economy, many wish our nation would do more to expand manufacturing across the country and return to the days when we actually exported more products than we imported.


BAMW: Keeping America's candle industry burning bright
... the best way to keep our American candle makers prospering in the face of potential crippling Chinese competition is to use the power of our pocketbooks and vote with our dollars to support American industries. It's especially important in industries like the candle industry where cheap producers like China constantly seek loopholes to get around laws intended to protect domestic companies against such practices.


BAMW: How to save Social Security and Medicare
At the heart of the political debate these days is how to curb runaway budget deficits that have amassed a national debt of $14 trillion over the last three decades.


BAMW: How to have an All-American Memorial Day
On Memorial Day, in addition to remembering American soldiers who gave their lives for their country, many Americans will be firing up their outdoor grills for what has become the traditional start of the grilling season.


BAMW: Re-Making the U.S. Economy
The average American doesn't need to take a seriously dedicated look at the U.S. economy to know we as a country face formidable challenges.


BAMW: Stick with American companies for an American kitchen
Consumers often tend to think more about buying American when they are about to make a big ticket item purchase than they do when making smaller purchases, and for good reason.


BAMW: ABC World News and the Buy American Home Inspection
If you're a fan of buying American, you've probably heard about or seen the ABC World News 'Made in America' series.


BAMW: Firming up American furniture factories
It's no secret that the housing market is one of the hardest hit by the economic downturn. So you would think that the American furniture industry would simply follow the housing industry into the tank, and although in some cases it has, it doesn't have to be that way if we know where to shop and which furniture brands to buy.


BAMW: An American industry worth saving
Does America have a national manufacturing capital?


BAMW: Familiar brands aren't always American brands
Consumers often make a habit, and understandably so, of patronizing products with which they are familiar.


BAMW: California's Kwikset lesson: Don't lie about "American made"
Back in October 2009, I wrote a "Buy American Mention of the Week" detailing the potential danger to the integrity of the "Made in U.S.A." label, which depended heavily on a future California Supreme Court ruling concerning Kwikset Corp.


BAMW: Foreign investment -- Chinese style
BAMW: Both Democrats and Republicans have long heralded foreign investment in the United States as a net positive for the United States.


BAMW: Eleven easy ways to buy American in 2011
Consumers are seemingly more sensitive to buying American around the holidays than most other times during the year.


BAMW: The Chinese are coming
I don't normally make predictions myself, but I'll venture out on a limb and make this one: 2011 will be the year that China makes a major attempt to buy American assets with money that used to be ours.


BAMW: How Americans Can Buy American is now available on Kindle and other e-readers
Now you can take How Americans Can Buy American with you wherever you go!


BAMW: Buy American! shirt sale -- get a FREE BOOK
For a very limited time, buy any two "Buy American!" shirts and get a FREE copy of the third edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism!


BAMW: Signed, sealed, and certified 'Made in USA'
We've all heard the media continue to report on the dangers of product recalls - courtesy of foreign countries - like dog food, drywall, toys, vitamins, milk, and lead paint.


BAMW: American-made toy has a leg up on Legos
There's a great toy out there that is challenging and fun (for families and children), educational (for students and teachers), and is also affordable and requires no batteries. The name of this toy starts with an "L" but it's not Legos. It's a great new toy called Lockrobots!


BAMW: American-made professional apparel from New York City, USA
These days, there's little denying that health care is one of the biggest industries in America. But with that indisputable fact comes an opportunity to create many more American jobs in ways most people have probably never really given much thought.


BAMW: The best American-made alternative to Chinese-made Lincoln Logs
The traditions of true American craftsmen in this country have been part of our history that dates all the way back to the founding of our nation. This pride of making things in America is consistent with historical American qualities such as independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.


BAMW: How to buy American for your All-American Baby
Now that Halloween is past and Christmas inches closer (have you noticed most stores already have their Christmas decorations out?) you'll probably start thinking about the friends, family and loved ones on your list and what they might like to see under the Christmas tree.


BAMW: How to have a 'Made in USA' Halloween Holiday
Halloween is creeping up on us, and many Americans soon will make final purchases for things like decorations, costumes, and candy to make it a fun holiday for kids and grown ups too.


BAMW: Here's proof import tariffs save and create American jobs
There's been a long standing debate as to whether import tariffs are useful in either saving or creating American jobs.


BAMW: Sending truly American greetings
Perhaps one of the consumer areas that proves the popular refrain "free trade and cheaper imports always result in lower prices for consumers" is an obvious, outright lie is the seemingly innocent area of greeting cards.


BAMW: Call to action! Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace it and Why belongs in Barnes & Noble bookstores!
In my last "Buy American Mention of the Week" on 9-17-10, I wrote about a great new book titled Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace it and Why by Ian Fletcher, which is available in my USA Shop for $19.95.


BAMW: Why Free Trade Doesn't Work for America
Every now and then I come across a book I like enough to review since I think should be in the hands of every American and every member of congress


BAMW: The American-made Retail E-guide is here!
It's been over a year since I announced the intention to build an American-made Retail E-guide, but the long-awaited pdf database is finally here.


BAMW: Chinese bad news equals American status quo
What happens with the Chinese economy and more specifically Chinese manufacturing in the near future will have big implications for the United States and the broader global economy.


BAMW: Special Summer Savings
In an economy often overrun with imports and cheap, Chinese knockoffs of authentic American products, it's always a special act of patriotism to Buy American while there is still American left to buy, and to help ensure that there always will be.


BAMW: Ending foreign economic dependence
Buying American is more than just about economic patriotism; it's about traditions rooted and grounded with other American values established by the Founding Fathers of our country like self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and independence.


BAMW: Lifetime-lasting American accessories for your home
The strength and success of American capitalism and entrepreneurship is often defined as that which is limited only by American imagination, innovation, and ingenuity.


BAMW: Furniture for your home starts at Florida-based Home Furniture
If you've been shopping for furniture lately, you probably know just how difficult it is to find quality furniture made by fellow Americans these days.


BAMW: 'Protectionist' is not an insult
Dartmouth economics professor Douglas Irwin joined the never-ending, undeserved assault on the Smoot-Hawley tariff in his June 18 Wall Street Journal opinion column, titled How 'Protectionist' Became An Insult.


BAMW: American-made snack cup is key to happy parenting
If you're a busy parent with small children, think of the time you could save (and stress you could avoid) by not having to chase down every last cracker that falls underneath or between each seat or cushion in the car or at home.


BAMW: American-made electrical products for the home
one of the most difficult areas to buy American has always been the electrical/electronics category. A typical rule is that if you have to plug it in, it's going to be difficult to find American made.


BAMW: Toy companies seeing the benefit of 'Made in USA'
Anecdotal evidence from attendees of the annual toy fair sponsored by the Toy Industry Association, the world's largest and most attended toy show, indicates toy companies are starting to get the message about the advantages of producing in America rather than offshore; and the steady stream of Chinese toy recalls indicates toy consumers may be getting the same message.


BAMW: A better Buy American strategy
If you have ever been frustrated trying to find American-made clothing in some of America's big department stores or retail chains, you have felt the same frustration thousands of other Americans have felt who want to find and buy American apparel, but aren't sure how to do it.


BAMW: An American-made Mother's Day
One of the reasons we celebrate Mother's Day is to celebrate her, compliment her, and make her comfortable as a way of showing your appreciation for who she is and all the selfless things she does year-round.


BAMW: New Balance and the Buy American Caucus
New Balance, the only maker of running shoes and tennis shoes that actually still makes them in America, says it is abiding by the "made in USA" standard, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that wrote the standard, isn't so sure.


BAMW: Double American exports? Not likely.
Poor free-trade America. We just can't seem to achieve a trade balance, let alone a trade surplus. The last time we ran a trade surplus was in 1975 when President Gerald Ford was in the White House.


BAMW: The "All Three Editions" special is back
There seems to be evidence the economy is turning around these days, even though the jobless rate is still high and the U.S. is still drowning in twin deficits of budget and trade.


BAMW: Treat yourself to American treats this Easter
With all the different options for American consumers who want satisfy their sweet tooth this Easter, it can be confusing to know just how to buy American-made candy from American-owned companies so we can keep profits and jobs in America.


BAMW: Rx4Nails by and for American women
As hard as I try to write articles that give both American men and American women more alternatives, choices, and opportunities to buy American, sometimes it's good to focus on solely on one gender or the other. So ladies, this one's for you.


BAMW: American-made office furniture for American businesses and consumers
If you have a home office like me, work for a company or corporation that uses office furniture, or have friends or business associates who do, you owe it to yourself to check out the extensive line of high-quality, American-made products available at VersaTables.


BAMW: Toyota unable to sweep troubles under the floor mat
Toyota should be toast by now. In fact, the only difference between 'Toyota' and 'toast' should be that the word 'toast' has the letter 's' in it and Toyota doesn't.


BAMW: An American-made Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Here are some gift ideas that can still claim the United States of America as the source.


BAMW: Toyota finally takes their turn in the barrel
Orlando Sentinel Automotive Editor Steven Cole Smith once told me of a friend he was consoling who worked in public relations at Ford when the automaker was going through a crisis.


BAMW: China replaces lead with cadmium in children's jewelry
Just when you thought the turmoil with unsafe toys from China was terminated and you thought your children could safely play with any toy imported from anywhere, we learn that Chinese producers have replaced lead with hazardous levels of cadmium.


BAMW: American assets continue to fall into Chinese hands
As the U.S. economy seeks to secure some sense of stability, more American assets are falling into the eager, acquisitive hands of Chinese-controlled companies.


BAMW: Foreign investment can turn the American economy Chinese
If you've ever bought seemingly innocent consumer products like a Frisbee or a Hula-Hoop, typical food products for your family like Pilgrim's Pride poultry, or an American-made Haier refrigerator, you're a supporting participant in foreign investment in the American economy.


BAMW: Will there be a Buy American trend in 2010?
As we prepare to usher in a New Year and a new decade with an ongoing unstable and uncertain economy, there is evidence that the New Year's resolution on the minds of many Americans is to pay more attention to domestic products when making their purchases.


BAMW: Supporting American health care and American manufacturing
Many times my 'Buy American Mention of the Week' articles feature products from smaller companies that are based online and aren't available in stores.


BAMW: The toys under your tree should be China-free
What does "Made in USA" mean to you? It should mean exactly what it says, right? American-made products with no imported pieces and no foreign assembly.


BAMW: Visiting the Virtual Old General Store
An upwardly mobile trend is the presence of e-commerce sites that sell only American-made goods, and if you're a supporter of the Buy American cause, this is good news.


BAMW: Shopping at the 'Made in USA Products Store'
If you were out and about shopping on Black Friday or the weekend that followed, you've probably had enough of the traffic and the crowds.


BAMW: Buy American this Black Friday
Everything we bring to the table this Thanksgiving can be "made in USA" from the plates and glasses, to the silverware, cookware, candles, and coffee. Here is how we can make our Thanksgiving Day table a cornucopia of American-made products.


BAMW: Buying American the way of eagles
Bald Eagles were removed from the endangered species list in June 2007 because their population recovered, even though the protections under the Eagle Act continue to apply.


BAMW: Preserving American military heritage and pride
Cockpit USA has been a supplier of fine civilian and military apparel for 35 years, and now their classic American collection of quality goods are available from their New York headquarters to anywhere in America you happen to be


BAMW: Christmas and Consumer Patriotism
You may remember back in June of this year when JC Penney came out with a shirt that said "AMERICAN MADE" across the front.


BAMW: Strolling down the American Aisle
Have you ever been strolling down the aisle of a nearby, local retail store and wondered why they don't have an "American Aisle" where you could find only American-made goods?


BAMW: Protect the 'Made in USA' label
Do you feel the 'Made in USA' label and its integrity and value should be protected?


BAMW: Power of the 'Made in USA' label propels domestic sales
Is there any real power in the 'Made in USA' label when it comes to influencing American consumers?


BAMW: The Impact of Obama's Chinese Tire Tariffs
As expected (as I expected, anyway) President Obama slapped fairly significant tariffs on Chinese tires that have been flooding the U.S. market and forcing American factories to close and American workers to lose their jobs.


BAMW: Seeking out socks from American sources
When we think of clothing, we often think of shoes or jeans but not necessarily what's in between. Yes, I'm talking about socks.


BAMW: Saving American Manufacturing
When the average American thinks about manufacturing, and it seems most rarely do, they tend to think about it as "dying."


BAMW: Join the How Americans Can Buy American group on facebook!
Are you on facebook? If so, you can join the How Americans Can Buy American group on facebook here and post your comments about buying American on the site.


BAMW: Help GM Reinvent itself the Right Way!
As the entire auto industry struggles and GM in particular seeks to reinvent itself, the new GM has started a new website at where new CEO Fritz Henderson is soliciting ideas from the car buying public.


BAMW: American-made home improvement
I received an email the other day, as I often do, telling me that there just isn't much out there that's made in USA anymore. But the truth is that there are more American-made goods available than we think if we know where to look


BAMW: How to avoid tainted dog treats from China
When Americans talk about their families, health and safety are obvious primary concerns. And for many Americans, pets are family too, so it makes sense to make sure you feed your pet something that's both safe and won't cause any long-term ill health effects.


BAMW: Bill O'Reilly maintains lame excuse for not buying American
Bill O'Reilly has done it again! In a past column, I wrote about O'Reilly's May 22nd mailbag segment where he claimed his "Bold and Fresh" shirts were made in Central America because "We cannot get the volume of shirts we need in America, sadly."


BAMW: You can help build the biggest "American-made e-guide" on the Internet!
Have you ever walked into a Home Depot, OfficeMax, JC Penney, or other major retail chain and thought, "I wish I had a list of products that are made in USA for this store?"


BAMW: Bill O'Reilly's "Patriot Store" parody
If you missed Bill O'Reilly's mailbag segment on May 22, you missed a mockery in the making of any reasonable meaning of what a "Patriot Store" might be all about.


BAMW: American-made, union-made 'Buy American' T-shirts
If you're looking for a way to show your American pride and support for buying American, then check out our American-made, union-made "Buy American!" T-shirts in the USA Shop.


BAMW: Making your Memorial Day cookout All American
On Memorial Day, many Americans will be firing up their outdoor grills for what has become the traditional start of the grilling season. Most will be throwing chicken, ribs, or beef on to the grill, but there's another American favorite you might consider that may be a little less traditional for grilling but certainly no less American.


BAMW: Buying tough American-made work boots isn't tough at all
With the ranks of American manufacturing jobs wearing thin these days, wearing American-made work boots from The Union Boot Pro can show you're standing up for an American industry that is in danger of extinction.


BAMW: Quality American-made cutlery and more
If you've had trouble finding American-made kitchen cutlery, utensils, bakeware and other accessories at retail stores, maybe you should try shopping online instead.


BAMW: Get American-made khakis and support a U.S. Military supplier
Ever wondered how you could order from the same suppliers to the U.S. military for yourself on a consumer level?


BAMW: Make America's economy greater while enjoying the great outdoors
If you plan to spend more time enjoying the outdoors now that Spring is finally here and fishing is one of your hobbies, you might want to check out the American-made fishing reels by Ardent Outdoors.


BAMW: American Art on American-made canvases
How would you like to beautify and brighten up every room in your home in a one-of-a-kind fashion that literally no one else could duplicate?


BAMW: Shopping with Roger
Have you had trouble finding and buying American-made products? Then buy what I buy!


BAMW: Buying American, recovery, and reinvestment
If you listen to most the media's misguided free market cheerleaders, the "Buy American" provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will prevent our economy from experiencing any kind of recovery or reinvestment.


BAMW: There is no constitutional right to import
Now that the House of Representatives has passed, and the U.S. Senate is considering, an economic stimulus bill which includes a "Buy American" provision that pretty much prohibits purchasing foreign iron and steel for projects involving rebuilding America's infrastructure, foreign countries across the globe are complaining as if to suggest our U.S. Constitution has it's own clause that guarantees foreign counties' right to import into the United States.


BAMW: American-made products for American outdoor living
There's a friendly and growing company in the largest alpine valley in America, inside the beautiful Sierra Valley of California, that offers American-made products that embody the pioneer spirit when America was discovered and settled.


BAMW: Toys Made in America
Have you been looking for toys made in America? Then why not visit, where you'll see literally dozens of links to all kinds of toys, games, puzzles, books and sports accessories?


BAMW: Welcome to the Congressional Car Company, Inc.
Apparently the Bush Administration thinks the government can run a car company better than the longtime American auto executives who they charge with being unable to "come up with" a viable solution for success.


BAMW: The Big Three may perish through people's lack of knowledge
Never before has their been such a large national debate over an issue so critical to the American economy accompanied by such large misconceptions of what the true facts really are as there has been over whether or not to extend a bridge loan to the Big Three.


BAMW: American-made presents under an American-made tree
With Christmas Day about a month away, many patriotic Americans are thinking about what kind of American-made gifts they can find to put under their Christmas trees. These same patriotic Americans may want to get an American-made, artificial Christmas tree to decorate and display as a gathering place for all those great and thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones as well, but the problem is many consumers don't know where to go to get one.


BAMW: The present and potential future price of depending on foreign producers
With the still recent rise of gas prices to $4.00 per gallon forever ingrained (hopefully) into the memory of American consumers, many of us have realized the real danger of dependence on foreign oil.


BAMW: Support American-made products and spend less
Never before has a presidential campaign addressed buying American so directly. In the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain talked about creating jobs by selling American-made products into foreign markets, and Barack Obama started a "Buy American - Vote Obama" campaign in August.


BAMW: Choices for a China-free Christmas
Don't be fooled. The problem with Chinese imports is still ongoing even if it no longer commands front page news courtesy of the recent financial crisis.


BAMW: American-made bags and cases of all kinds
Part of the reason Waterfield chooses to produce locally is so they can control every step of the process, which has enabled the company to independently unleash innovative and creative ideas that oftentimes come from customer feedback.


BAMW: Why General Motors and Ford Should Not Be Allowed to Fail
GM and Ford don't deserve to go bankrupt any more than any other automaker since all of them are taking their hits because of higher gas prices.


BAMW: Dreaming of Made in USA Forever
Should we accept endless Chinese products and the resulting trade deficits or is it possible we can return to the days when American-made products were in greater supply and easier to find?


BAMW: Organizing: American-style
All Peterboro baskets are made in Peterborough, New Hampshire where the family-owned and operated company has been making them for 153 years.


BAMW: Boycott Anheuser-Busch InBev and buy American beer instead
If Americans stop buying Anheuser-Busch products and sales of the new Belgian company plummet, foreign companies will be forced to think twice in the future before trying to buy American companies and American assets.


BAMW: Memo to McCain: You're Wrong
Sen. John McCain had it all wrong when he claimed while campaigning in Michigan that the American jobs lost overseas never were coming back. The examples of American jobs returning home are growing.


BAMW: Keep Budweiser American!
As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day later this week, we should be reminded that America can no longer remain an independent country if its manufacturing base is under foreign ownership or foreign control.


BAMW: U.S. Grown and U.S. Owned
The time is now to buy American in areas from toys to food and beyond, and we should especially shun potentially dangerous products from China. Our health, our standard of living, and our sacred national independence are all at stake.


BAMW: Buy American online, and say bye-bye big box
Supporting smaller American companies like these that employ American workers will go a long way to ensure that not only are jobs plentiful, but also to avoid losing entire American industries like the ailing textile industry.


BAMW: Being red, white, and blue while going green
For patriotic-minded consumers who want to buy American products that save energy and preserve precious natural resources at the same time, patronizing Preserve products is a good place to start.


BAMW: A gift for Mom can be a gift for the U.S. economy, too
This Mother's Day there are patriotic ways to thank Mom for all the times she's on the go and selflessly doing things for other family members or loved ones.


BAMW: American-Made Options for Washers and Dryers
Staber Industries has been family owned and operated since 1976 when they began re-manufacturing laundry equipment from American manufacturers like GE, Maytag and Whirlpool.


BAMW: It's Not a New Lamp, It's an Investment in America
Direct competition through free trade with third world countries that pay pennies-on-the-hour wages can only destine us to a future of lower wages and reduced consumption.


BAMW: Spring for American-Made Goods this Spring
If you're sprucing up your home to match the sights and sounds of the season, there are certain ways you can buy American and spruce up the balance sheets of American companies employing American workers at the same time.


BAMW: 'Free trade' that isn't free
'Neither tariffs nor trade protection is the problem'

American tariffs and trade protection are not the problem. Lack of adequate tariffs to level the playing field by mindless faith in free trade and free markets followed by Federal Reserve intervention which can lead to catastrophes like the Great Depression is the problem.


BAMW: How to Buy an American Bicycle
If that outdoors time includes cycling and you want to buy American, you're going to have to think outside the big-box and take a road less traveled to get an American-made bicycle.


BAMW: American-Made Eyewear, No Sweat Apparel, and American Tuna
The Original Pilot Sunglass has been a favorite of U.S. military pilots for over 40 years. These sunglasses are American made, performance tested and have been issued to millions of U.S. soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen since 1958...


BAMW: Female Footwear, Union-Made Apparel, and American-Made Decorative Carolers & Figures
Some loyal readers have been asking "where's the footwear for us females?"


BAMW: Toys, Terror-Free Oil, Art, Pillow Cases, Politics, and Glenn Beck
In case you thought our problems with dangerous Chinese imports was over, we now learn that we can't even buy Valentine's Day candy without surprises of the wrong kind.


BAMW: Great American Apparel and Great American Work Boots!
All American Clothing Co. is fast becoming one of the most well known sources of USA-made jeans. Their jeans use only USA-made raw materials and are cut and sewn in the USA.


BAMW: Supporting American-Made Apparel, Display Tables, Games & Toys, and the Second Amendment
Buying American is no sweat either, because all Shivers Wear is made in USA.


BAMW: American-Made Leather Products, Furniture, Pet Supplies and Pool Tables!
Although their name suggests they are from Key West they are actually located in Daytona Beach, Florida, where all their products are made.


BAMW: American Hero Companies
Next time you hear about a U.S. factory about to close and move overseas, check the price tag of that product currently made by the domestic factory, and then check it again once that product begins to be sourced offshore. You might be surprised that there is little, if any, price difference...


BAMW: Long-Awaited Third Edition Almost Here!
The long-awaited third edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism will be available soon for $18.95. This new and updated book will be printed in early December, 2007.


BAMW: So Chrysler Is (Mostly) American Again - Now What?
In any case, American car buyers who buy from Chrysler because they want to do the patriotic thing and save an American icon may destroy one or two others in the process.


BAMW: What's Wrong with American Automakers: The Real Story
The good news is that there are clear and identifiable reasons for the big-time struggles at the "Big Three" automakers. The bad news is that unless the American people and their elected representatives realize it and do something about it, every American - whether they are directly linked to the U.S. auto industry or not - will pay a significant price.


BAMW: Corelle is Among the Best for the Kitchen
...there's no reason for any patriotic consumer to feel they're without American-made options when it comes to the kitchen.


BAMW: Thunder on the Tundra: Toyota Trucks Ahead in 2007 Recalls
Although we've barely passed mid-February, Toyota has already recalled 533,417 vehicles this year in a mix that, according to, includes Tundras Sequoias and Camrys. That puts Toyota on track to recall more than the over 1.76 million autos they recalled in the U.S. and Japan in 2006, and the 2.2 million they recalled in 2005 when they recalled more cars than they built.


BAMW: Put American-Made Gifts Under Your Tree
The best way to guarantee prosperity for Christmas present and Christmas future is to put American-made products under your Christmas tree this year.


BAMW: American Perception Problems of the American Auto Industry
Perhaps someday the American media will give GM and Ford the credit they deserve. And once they do, perception among the majority of the American public will rightfully change.


BAMW: Participate in the First Annual All-American Toy Drive!
Well over 90% of all toys sold in America today are made in China where violations of child-labor and human-rights laws run rampant. Children under what we would consider a legal working age are routinely forced to work 12 hours a day or more.


BAMW: How to Show You Are a Proud American
Are you a proud American? How will you show it, and how will other people know it?


BAMW: Save Money and Energy with American-Made Tankless Water Heaters
You wouldn't leave your car running all day, or your steam iron or toaster on just because you might need to use it soon. Your water heater should be no different.


BAMW: Why GM shouldn't become a General Merger
GM Chief Wagoner has already met with the would-be foreign investors representing Renault/Nissan, and all are keeping quiet about the meeting. Let's hope it ends there.


BAMW: Keep Your American-Made Goods Under an American-Made Lock and Key
So now you know that you don't have to buy a Mexican-made Master Lock to keep your belongings safe and secure. Wilson Bohannan locks may cost a little more, but just think of it as an investment in your country.


BAMW: Just in Time for Summer!
You won't find more ways to show your support for Buying American in the clothes you wear and the car you drive anywhere else than the USA Shop. Visit the USA Shop by clicking here today!


BAMW: What GM and Ford must do to stay out of bankruptcy
...we imported $1.21 trillion worth of foreign-made goods in 2005, and that's excluding Canada and Mexico! That's twice the amount of imports compared to 1992 when Ross Perot warned us about NAFTA's giant sucking sound, and it's an 80-fold increase compared to 1960.


BAMW: Want to Boycott Big Oil? Then Boycott Citgo!
ExxonMobil may be guilty of handing out an extravagant $400 million bonus to their outgoing CEO, but Citgo caused us to change our laws (made by the folks you sent to Washington, remember?) and made us question the sovereign right to defend the enactment of those laws.


BAMW: America's Ports: Chalk One Up for the "New Protectionists"
Aside from the dangers of granting a foreign company even partial control of anything to do with a vulnerable entry point to America, it's easy to recognize that American companies are much more likely to react much more favorably to American pressure than foreign companies. Isn't that reason enough for American companies to run America's ports?


BAMW: Shop for America
Doing business with companies you respect because of their similar outlook on what's best for the American economy helps to make us feel more of a part of the economy we're helping to prosper.


BAMW: Is It Unpatriotic to Not Buy American Cars?
If it's unpatriotic to destroy the American middle class, then it's unpatriotic to not buy American cars. As a country, we're drowning in a sea of red ink, and as consumers (those who really should know better, anyway) we're drowning is a sea of "what's in it for me."


BAMW: What's Bad for General Motors and Ford is Bad for America
If GM is guilty of anything, it's for not communicating well enough or fast enough about how valuable they really are to American prosperity. The American people will eventually find out. It may be the hard way and not through television ads or other media attempts, but they will learn.


BAMW: America's Best Coffee for America's Favorite Holiday
From the growers & pickers and packers & shippers to the freight & delivery and packaging & materials, the USA Coffee Company is true red, white and blue from their trees to your cup.


BAMW: Traveling with "American-made" in Mind
Ever since Tough Traveler started doing business 35 years ago, they have remained true to "Made in USA" and everything it stands for.


BAMW: More Ways to Buy American from Union Jean Company
Union Jean has an extensive line of products including denim shirts and jeans, denim jackets, duck/canvas jackets and coveralls, fleece (including firefighters fleece,) henleys, ladies tees, oxford dress shirts, polo/golf shirts, t-shirts and twill shirts. Not to mention, of course, their newly expanded line of khakis and carpenter jeans.


BAMW: The Right Way to Participate in the Annual Toy Drive for 2005
Well over 90% of all toys sold in America today are made in China, where violations of child labor and human rights laws run rampant and children under what we would consider a legal working age are routinely forced to work 12 hours a day or more.


BAMW: The Japanese Dream
Call it the Japanese dream of American free traders. They're making it a reality by advocating continued wide-open American markets while we all hope and pray - someday - Japan will surrender theirs like we have hypocritically surrendered ours. Don't look for it to happen anytime soon.


BAMW: Trade, Aid, and Buying American
As patriotic consumers, we must not only buy American products, but we must also help make American products available and easy to buy when we can. It is no doubt an uphill battle, but America became great by swimming upstream when it was required instead of merely always floating along with the tide.


BAMW: What Happened to Quantum Cotton Company - And More
The message is clear. If we talk the talk of "Buy American," then we must walk the walk as well. That way, we can keep other patriotic, American companies like Quantum Cotton and Cape Shoe from having to close their doors. We must buy American while there is still American left to buy.


BAMW: Media Bias Against American Automakers
Of course its easier for American consumers to switch from their foreign "suppliers" to reclaim their self-sufficiency and independence than it is for a large American corporation like Ford, but the blue-oval guys are doing it.


BAMW: Putting the Color Back in Home Organization
SkyBurst promises to put the color back in home organization with laundry hampers & sorters, knitting bags & needle cases, college laundry bags, shoe baggers and dry cleaning baggers, just to name a few.


BAMW: Leveraging Corporate America
One sign that there may be at least a minor corporate shift to proudly claiming American roots by an American company is taking place in the alcoholic beverage industry.


BAMW: Destroying More Anti-American Automobile Industry Myths
Focusing on just how cheaply we can find consumer products is ruining America. The "cheap" mindset has invaded our culture and seems to have taken a permanent place in the American way of life. How sad.


BAMW: American-Made Khakis and Much, Much More
Why pay a price mark-up for the privilege of buying retail when you can buy American-made pants direct from the pant supplier or American-made shirts direct from the shirt supplier? And you won't have to spend over $2 per gallon of gas driving around town looking for what you may not find anyway.


BAMW: De-Junking the American Auto Industry
These Buy American bashers are decidedly off base in claiming that GM and Ford don't make cars that Americans want since both companies have higher market shares than their closest foreign rival.


BAMW: One if by Land, Two if by Sea
If high-quality and high-value products are what you are looking for, spend your hard-earned money where it counts and support good-paying American jobs at the same time. Chances are this can't be done at Wal-Mart where you'll be diverting dollars to the middleman that Two Lamps is trying to avoid.


BAMW: In Defense of General Motors
In the end, it doesn't matter how you slice it. General Motors pays more taxes, employs more workers, has more domestic plants, supports more families, retirees and their dependents, and has a higher overall domestic parts content than the foreign competition - hands down. American quality is on the rise. Efficiency has increased. GM kept America rolling by donating millions of dollars in cash and vehicles in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.


BAMW: "M" is for the Many Things She Does...Including Building a Strong Economy
Everything you select and place on your mother's day breakfast tray could easily be made, supplied or produced by America's other working mothers.


BAMW: New BUY AMERICAN! Bumper Sticker Available
If you have an 11" x 3" open space on the back of your vehicle, you ought to use it to urge others to Buy American by slapping our new BUY AMERICAN! bumper sticker on it!


BAMW: 100% American Coffee from the Tree to the Cup!
USA Coffee Company grows all of their coffee beans in the great state of Hawaii. This land was abandoned by companies like Dole, C&H Sugar and others years ago who left for cheaper land and labor in third-world countries in South America, in The Philippines and elsewhere.


BAMW: Coming Soon - The First "Made in USA" Magazine!
Get ready for the first-ever magazine that is dedicated to telling the Buy American story as it relates to American jobs and manufacturing, outsourcing and offshoring, and just about anything else that affects the American middle class and the prosperity of this nation.


BAMW: American-made Collectible Cars
Most Carllectibles! are 1/16th scale or approximately 12 inches long, but the scale might vary slightly with the model of your car. Each sculpture is hand-finished with the details permanently fired on to ensure lasting beauty, and all wheels, headlights and chrome details are meticulously finished in 24 carat white gold!


BAMW: Now in Paperback!
The second edition of "How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism" is now available in paperback for $16.95 plus $3 shipping and handling. The previous hardcover version, which sold for $24.95 plus $4 shipping and handling, is now out of print and is no longer available.


BAMW: Anchor Hocking for American-Made Glassware
If you're looking to stock your kitchen cabinets and cupboards with American-made bakeware, dinnerware, beverageware and other household items, Anchor Hocking probably has what you need.


BAMW: To Boycott or Not to Boycott Maytag
One of the more-recent labor issues on the job front involved Maytag's decision to close their refrigerator plant in Galesburg, Illinois and transfer the work to Mexico. But as with any situation that is clearly a negative for thousands of American workers, we must carefully determine the best course of action. The best solution is not always to immediately boycott the company that has forced American workers once on assembly lines to instead assemble in unemployment lines.


BAMW: American Quality Leisure Time
When you need to relax after a long, hard day during the week or if you just want to take time to relax over the weekend, check out Twin Oaks Hammocks to help you better enjoy your leisure time.


BAMW: American-Crafted Pottery at its Finest
If you've been searching for totally unique pottery products made in the USA, a visit to the Rowe Pottery Works' website at should help you find what you're looking for. The variety of what you will find there is amazing and almost overwhelming since there is so much to see, and variety is a true asset with American-made goods like these becoming harder and harder to find.


BAMW: American-Made Kitchen Cutlery and More
Rada Cutlery has been making fine kitchen knives and utensils since 1948, and all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee.


BAMW: Grooming American-Style
When it comes to grooming, Wahl is the company to buy from if you care about "Made in USA."


BAMW: The Right Way to Participate in the Annual Toy Drive
So how can we avoid the trap of buying toys made by underprivileged kids in China to give to underprivileged kids in America? By buying American-made toys, games and sports equipment that are made under acceptable and humane conditions.


BAMW: There's Only One American Coffeemaker - Bunn
Bunn is an American company based in Springfield, Illinois, and all Bunn coffeemakers are assembled in the USA. Every other brand of coffee maker you could name makes their products overseas - usually in China.


BAMW: The Entrepreneurship of Cedar Springs, Michigan
When one thinks of American cities with unique entrepreneurs, Cedar Springs, Michigan probably doesn't come to mind that often. But this small town of 3,600 people is home to four unique companies that offer products made nowhere else. And they are all made in USA.


BAMW: Totally Unique Stuffed Animals at
You'll find Foxes, Dalmatians, Cheetahs, Cougars, Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Buffalo, Elk, Clydesdales, Giraffes, Sharks, Rattlesnakes, Squirrels, and even a Brontosaurus.


BAMW: American-made Variety at
We need to spend our energy preserving the jobs we have left. American made matters. American jobs matter. American prosperity matters. So let's take these matters into our own hands and make a difference.


BAMW: Making the Great Outdoors Truly American
You'll find outdoor gear and related accessories for men, women and children from gloves, hats, shirts, pants, socks and other classic outerwear. You'll also find travel gear for your outdoor activities like American-made backpacks, utility packs, field bags and travel kits.


BAMW: Spruce Up Your Garden or Lawn with Buzzard Towne Garden Ornaments
These garden ornaments are truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind. The creativity of an American family-owned business is a refreshing change from the typical corporate cookie-cutter designs of all kinds in today's world.


BAMW: American Shrimp from Texas Where Everything is Bigger
USA American Shrimp and Texas Longhorn Shrimp are also proud members of the Go Texan campaign, which promotes Texas agriculture.


BAMW: Hauling American-Made Trailers Across America
Quality products, American labor, setting the standard, making a difference, keeping jobs in America and exporting around the world are not characteristics that make up most of the American companies today, but yet that describes Croft Trailer and the way they do business.


BAMW: Keeping America Clean with American Soap
All Charlie Soap products are made in Mayodan, North Carolina, and the company is family owned and operated. Patriotic consumers should be happy to support family-owned operations over multinational corporations since their money is more likely to stay in the family, in the community, and within our borders.


BAMW: American-Made Footwear from Old-Fashioned American Companies
Whether you are focused on footwear for the heads of the family or for the kids as they get ready to go back to school, order from Hoy Shoe Company or SAS for authentic, all-American made products and keep your money in America where it should be.


BAMW: It's what's on the Inside that Counts
If it's the right time for you to buy some underwear, makes theirs at the right price in the right place - right here in the USA.


BAMW: It's Time to Rescue American Jobs
Rescue American Jobs is intimately familiar with what is going on concerning H-1B visas, L-1 visas, immigration, outsourcing, trade and economic policy. Regardless of what your hot-button issue is to defend American workers and our American standard of living, Rescue American Jobs can get you involved so you can make a difference.


BAMW: American-Made Underwear for Your American-Made Outerwear
Next time you're in a major retail store, throw some American-made Jockeys in your shopping cart. You know you'll need some eventually anyhow. By buying them sooner rather than later, you'll increase the chances that when you need to purchase them again, the label will still say "Made in USA."


BAMW: Did You Know the UAW Makes More Than Just Cars and Trucks?
Regardless of which side of the political fence you reside (or maybe you're still on the fence deciding which way to jump), we all have an interest in supporting American workers - both union and non-union.


BAMW: American Accessories for your American Truck
Pratt Blacksmith Shop manufactures heavy-duty state pocket anchor systems for full-size American trucks, so regardless of what you are hauling, you can rest assured that you are hauling it safely and securely.


BAMW: American-Made Magnets and So Much More
From hand-cast and hand-painted magnets, pins, jewelry and ornaments to intricate and impressive custom-tiled tables and desks, this family-run business sells to gift and specialty shops in 38 states and they sell directly to patriotic consumers as well.


BAMW: Coming Soon: The First All-Buy American Talk Show!
The political hot-button issue of Buying American will have its own talk show starting Monday, April 26th.


BAMW: Get Your Patio Ready for Spring with American-Made Furniture and Accessories
Getting your patio ready for Spring can be as easy as making a trip to either Lowe's or Home Depot, and practically everything can be found made in the USA.


BAMW: American-Made Apparel in So Many Ways; Costco vs. Wal-Mart
There's no reason to buy imported apparel if you know where to look.


BAMW: Can't We Just Outsource Those Who Advocate Outsourcing?
One thing that still divides our country today is that too many people are fixated only on their own special interests, willing to endorse policies that benefit their own industry even though other American industries would be sacrificed.


BAMW: How to Buy Inexpensive American-Made Apparel and Stay Out of Wal-Mart
...[P]ay a visit to and browse through their All-American products. By supporting them, you'll be supporting the American worker and the American farmer, and you'll probably be making a more powerful, positive impact on the U.S. economy than you may have first imagined.


BAMW: Walgreen's Joins Wal-Mart in Ditching Kodak for Fuji
Walgreen's is officially kicking Kodak to the curb in favor of Japanese-owned Fuji. Kodak used to be the sole provider of photo-developing services to America's largest drugstore chain, but now Walgreen's has over 4,000 Fuji computer kiosks and 1,500 stores now use Fuji one-hour developing equipment.


BAMW: Small New York-based business thrives on quality leather goods
From briefcases, belts and backpacks to moccasins and money clips, Leather Artisan makes them all in their shop in Upstate New York.


BAMW: Action Alert! Tell Furniture Retailers not to Boycott American-Made Furniture
Now is the time to make your voice heard to retailers like American Furniture Warehouse Company and Value City Furniture. Both companies have said they will no longer buy from furniture makers that have signed the so-called "anti-dumping petition" that, pending a favorable decision from the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission, could impose tariffs as high as 250% on Chinese-made furniture.


BAMW: Bush Wrong to Scrap Steel Tariffs
Just like a poker player who doesn't know when he has a winning hand, if America doesn't realize when it has the upper hand in a theoretical trade war, our manufacturers can't expect to win the lion's share of the global consumer market.


BAMW: This Could Be Your Made in USA Shopping List
As Christmas approaches, many patriotic consumers will no doubt fret about how to make their loved ones happy with the right gifts and keep themselves happy by remaining true to their values when making purchases at the same time.


BAMW: No More Excuses! Everything You Wear Every Day Can Be Made in USA.
Of course it isn't easy for American companies to employ 100% of their workforce in the United States, especially for the garment industry, but that is exactly what Union Jean & Apparel has done.


BAMW: American Apparel Maker Kicks-Off "100% Made in USA Campaign."
Get ready to pat yourself on the back, because you are partly responsible for Quantum's kickoff of their "100% Made in USA Campaign."


BAMW: Textiles, Competition and Efficiency
America's struggling textile industry garnered wide attention fairly recently with the bankruptcy of Pillowtex Corp., which has resulted in the largest permanent layoff in North Carolina's history. The invisible hand of the free market has been wreaking havoc across America, breaking records like this one left and right. The free market certainly isn't invisible to the good people of North Carolina, who have been permanently freed from their jobs.


BAMW: Buy American-Made and Spend Le$$
If you have a computer, you probably have a printer. If you have a printer, you must buy the ink cartridges for it. And the ink cartridges are usually, if not always, made in some foreign country.


BAMW: Classic Leather Jackets - Made in the USA
Have you had trouble finding an American-made leather jacket to wear when you are atop your America-made Harley-Davidson or maybe just out for a night on the town?


BAMW: American-made carpet should be cleaned by American-made vacuum cleaners
How easy is it to find an American-made vacuum cleaner? Three American brands that stand out are Oreck, Hoover and Riccar....


BAMW: Saving America's Footwear Industry, Part 2
It's great to see that the commitment to American workers in the U.S. is alive and well in so many U.S. footwear companies. Let's make sure they receive our footwear-purchasing dollars so it can remain financially possible to live up to their commitments....


BAMW: The New Economy's Latest Growth Industry: Pink Slip Producer
Pink slip production may become America's most promising industry. If you don't have a job and are searching for one, you might try locating a company whose core business is churning out pink slips....


BAMW: Saving America's Footwear Industry
As America continues to lose manufacturing jobs at a dizzying pace, the footwear industry is no exception....


BAMW: Making the All-American Picnic All American is Harder Than You Think
So you want to have the classic All-American Picnic or Bar-B-Que on July 4th to celebrate America's independence?...


BAMW: Don't Expect the Economy to 'Bounce Back' in 2003
Free trade economists keep repeating the same old lines. Last year about this time, they said the economy would bounce back in the second quarter. It didn't happen. Now their saying the same thing for the second quarter of 2003, and Business Week says they are absolutely right this time. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...


BAMW: Traveling American Style
If you have had trouble finding American-made luggage, briefcases or laptop carriers like I have, look no further than


BAMW: Now Women Can Have Their American-Made Shirts Too
Back on February 12, I featured as the Buy American Mention of the Week, and the result was a lot of positive responses by men who liked the American-made shirts for the "Man in Command." But what about the women?...


BAMW: SARS Epidemic Should Force Focus on American Alternatives
There's no doubt about it. SARS has arrived. Not so much in America, but very much so in a major way in China. If the epidemic isn't controlled soon, two things are likely to happen...


BAMW: It's Globalization Payback Time for Domestic Furniture Makers
Furniture makers heavy with American workers on their payrolls are getting revenge on globalization these days. Call it "payback time." Furniture companies that have recently fired their American workers for low-cost wages in China are scrambling...


BAMW: South Carolina Calls for French Boycott, Then Backs Down
Claiming France gave "aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein," the South Carolina State Legislature declared "it makes no sense to buy French products, goods and services...


BAMW: Support American Wireless Technology for Postwar Iraq
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has sent letters to the rest of congress, the Pentagon, and the U.S. Agency for International Development urging them to use a wireless cell phone technology (CDMA) that was developed by American-owned Qualcomm, Inc. of San Diego. Qualcomm is not in Rep. Issa's district. The congressman warned against using the GSM wireless technology, which was originally developed by the French, for an Iraqi cellular phone system.


BAMW: The Perfect Complement to American-Made Dress Shirts
But where can you find American-made casual dress pants to complement those American-made shirts? ...


BAMW: Patriotic Shirt Maker Competes Head to Head with Ralph Lauren, Land's End
One industry where it is increasingly difficult to buy American made is the apparel industry...


BAMW: Exactly the Reverse of What One Might Expect in the Toy Industry
Americans don't have to choose from a long list of toys imported from Asia, because I've recently discovered a toy manufacturer that exports American-made toys to Asia instead...


BAMW: All White Dress Shirts, All American Made
As dress shirt makers seem to gradually gravitate overseas, one company has stayed the course and kept their production in America...


BAMW: Domestic Furniture Company is a Bright Spot in a Hard-Hit Industry
If you've found it difficult to locate the American-made furniture you've been searching for, your search may be over after you read this article.


BAMW: A Buy American Strategy for Those Chinese Imports
Wait a minute! Can "Buy American" and "Chinese Imports" be used in the same sentence or headline? The answer is "yes." Buying American is more than just about buying made in USA whenever possible. It's about supporting American companies who pay triple the amount of taxes to support our military and national defense, public hospitals, schools and libraries, as well as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid than foreign companies. We all benefit when there's more money available for these necessities.


BAMW: The Myth of the 2003 Economic Recovery
As many economists are now predicting a 2003 rebound of the U.S. economy, this author, who is neither an economist nor has an MBA, is predicting there will be no such economic recovery in 2003.


BAMW: Oh What a Feeling - Toyota Outsells Chevrolet
Should America be concerned that Toyota is now selling more cars in the U.S. than Chevy, or that they are about to outsell Ford next year? The short answer is "yes." Read on for the long answer.


BAMW: The "Everything's Made in China" Myth
Everything is made in China these days, or at least that is what I keep hearing. I can formulate my response to this deceiving and tiring pessimism in one word - Globalony! If we stop to think for a moment about the products we buy most often, and where we buy them, we'll remind ourselves that we visit the supermarket more than any other store. Now go take a peek inside your refrigerator and tell me how many items in there are made in China.


BAMW: Success of Steel Tariffs Should Shame Free Traders
According to free traders, protective tariffs reduce imports and are supposed to promote a potentially disastrous isolationism. But according to the Wall Street Journal, certainly no beacon of protectionism or America First, imports of steel subject to the Bush tariffs are on the rise. Hot-rolled steel imports are up 40% from a year ago. Imports of coated sheet steel increased 30%. Plate steel imports rose a more modest 10%.


BAMW: Updated and Expanded Second Edition Now Available!
The second edition of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism is now available. This new book is not only the best guide to buying American products available - it is the only guide available. Upon searching the bookstore shelves,, B& (Barnes & Noble) and (Books-A-Million), it is amazing that especially after September 11 woke up the sleeping giant of patriotism in many Americans, no one else is writing about this subject in book form.


BAMW: A Victory for Hershey is a Victory for America
The power of consumer-led, grass-roots petitioning shined in Hershey, Pennsylvania when the trust that controls the American candy maker's fate voted 10-7 not to sell the company on September 17th. In the days of mega-mergers that have only slowed their dizzying pace because of a downshifting economy, this is fantastic news.


BAMW: Driving Through Flint, Michigan Must Be Easy on the Eyes
I've never been to Flint, Michigan, but I would love to at least drive though it. According to a recent Associated Press article, a whopping 96% of their citizens own or lease an American car. Driving is so much more pleasant when you are surrounded by smart people. How would I know if they are smart, you ask? Just look at what they are driving!


BAMW: Potential Sale of Hershey Proves Importance of Ownership
One can only hope that the town of Hershey and surrounding Pennsylvania citizens will keep up the pressure to block the sale of this American icon. Even if the sale ends up going through, it's a good chance to show that the impact to Main Street is just as important, if not more so, than the impact to Wall Street.


BAMW: There is Still Time fo Get Free Shipping
We can't always stop foreigners from buying our country, but we can stop giving them the money with which to do it. The second edition of How Americans Can Buy American will be released soon, and there is still time to get free shipping on advance orders. The book is currently at the printer, and will be arriving in early- to mid-September.


BAMW: Stanley Backs Away From Bermuda
It appears there is some sanity in a post-September 11 world after all. Stanley Works, after taking the heat from about every conceivable corner for their tax-avoidance scheme to re-incorporate in Bermuda, has finally backed off. Both the U.S. Congress and consumers questioned the patriotism of the proposed move.


BAMW: It's Time to Turn Up the Heat on the U.S. Senate
It's time to turn up the heat on the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to convince these Senators to consider HR 725, the Made in America Information Act! Over 160 online petitions have been printed and mailed to the ranking Democrat on this committee - Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings. The same 160-plus petitions have also been mailed to Senator Jay Rockefeller. The reason I have chosen these two Senators is because they have a history of advocating protectionism. Both have experienced job losses in their states through the textiles and steel industries, and both should be very receptive to this bill.


BAMW: The Giant Sucking Sound in Reverse
Did the government offer Bobs Candies any public money as incentive to expand their plant? No. Granted, Bobs is a much smaller plant with roughly one-fifth the jobs compared to Nissan, but the point here is that American companies are expected to locate their factories here, while foreign companies are not.


BAMW: More Foreign Companies Avoid U.S. Taxes
I have long argued that one of the primarily-overlooked areas of the "Buy American" picture is that foreign companies operating in the United States don't pay their share of funding the costs of the American government. This means less money is available for Social Security, public schools, Medicare, Medicaid, police and fire protection, as well as funding for the military, national security and the war on terrorism.


BAMW: What's On Tap?
Friends don't let friends drive drunk. And friends don't let friends have their favorite beer flow from a foreign made tap either! As we continue to come at the Buy American issue from just about every conceivable angle, another easily overlooked category is the beer tap industry.


BAMW: Racks and Stuff
You'll find all sorts of unique items on this website you simply won't find anywhere else. And not only are all the products made in America, they are made by a small business in Idaho. Anyone who has read either How Americans Can Buy American or the various articles I have written knows that I simply love to promote small businesses committed to making things right here in the USA.


BAMW: Teddy Bears - American Style!
Vermont Teddy Bears cost a lot more than your usual cheap-import stuffed animals, but I'll bet that if we left all the Chinese made items on the store shelf that we often buy on impulse anyway, the money we would save over the year would be more than enough to buy at least one of these fine teddy bears and support American jobs.


BAMW: Protectionism and Prosperity Shines Through Harley-Davidson
The Harley-Davidson of today is not only wildly popular in the United States, but there is also a huge following in Europe. As Euroland ponders which American exports to use as examples of retaliation for President Bush's 30% tariffs to protect the U.S. steel industry, European citizens are lobbying hard to keep Harley-Davidson off the list.


BAMW: Preserving Petroleum Independence
America is slowly surrendering its ability to control the petroleum it offers to the American motorist. American petroleum companies have been snatched up by foreign companies with great vigor in the last few years, but the recent proposed acquisition of Pennzoil-Quaker State gives the merger mania a new twist.


BAMW: Buy American at the Beach
Few American industries have struggled as much as the footwear industry, yet a few shining examples of American determination prevail. New Balance still makes about 30% of its shoes here, so no consumer patriot should be caught strolling with made in China Reebok's or Nike's.


BAMW: Get Ready to Sign the Buy American Petition
The time has come for the Senate to stop ignoring the Made in America Information Act. Crafted by Representative James Traficant, Jr., HR 725, if passed by the Senate, would set up a toll-free line consumers can call to find out which products are American made.


BAMW: Who Said the American TV Industry Was Dead?
One of the most difficult areas where Americans have trouble buying American is in the electronics industry. Televisions in particular are especially tough to find made in the USA. A few years back, I bought a General Electric TV that was made in Indiana. Back in 1995, one of my brothers bought a Bell & Howell TV from Montgomery Ward that was made in USA.


BAMW: Protectionism Lives Through Steel
It seems that every professed free-trade president in recent memory has flirted in some way with protectionist policies, yet George W. Bush has come out with maybe not one of biggest tariffs in terms of percentage, but arguably one of the most significant in terms of industry and its relation to both economic and national security.


BAMW: Media Bypass reprints past Buy American Mention of the Week: Efficiency and Guacamole Economics
Sales of Mexican guacamole easily passed the $100 million mark for the second year in a row in 2000, and that figure is expected to rise in the future. The reason? Restaurant owners are now switching from paying their restaurant workers $6 an hour to pit and mash avocados into guacamole to paying Mexicans to do the work instead. Although $6 an hour seems like quite a low wage in the United States, Mexicans can perform this task for about $50 a week. And it's just not avocados. Mexican exports of fruits and vegetables in general increased over 30% in 1998 alone.


BAMW: Profits Over Patriotism?
It appears that the American worker and American consumer are not the only ones over-taxed in America. Apparently some American corporations feel they are paying too many taxes as well. According to a recent New York Times article, the trend of multinational corporations moving their headquarters to tax-friendly Bermuda is catching fire.


BAMW: The Power of an American Pencil
America could be in danger of losing the pencil industry unless patriotic consumers raise their awareness. In 1991, just 16% of all pencils came from overseas. Today, however, almost half of the pencils bought by Americans come from overseas.


BAMW: Greater Competition from China?
America faces a China that is transforming from merely an exporting platform to a nation of credible industry that extends beyond the long history of Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and other product knockoffs.


BAMW: Bucking the Trend of Big Mergers
Companies that wish to remain independent are hard to find these days. In an era of ever-increasing globalization, few companies seem to find it in their best interest to deny the urge to merge, and are willing to counter the conventional wisdom that bigger is better.


BAMW: American Only By Name?
In addition to looking at products hoping to find "Made in USA" on the package or tag, an untold number of consumers often fall back on how "American" a brand name might sound.


BAMW: Applesauce is Applesauce, Or is It?
Let's support the companies that truly support America. White House did so enthusiastically long before September 11 woke up a sleeping-giant nation of patriots.


BAMW: Cooper Tire Keeps the USA Rolling
Fortunately, Cooper makes their automobile tires (and belts and hoses, etc.) in the United States, and is also an American owned company.


BAMW: A Day with Joe Smith
After receiving several copies of the "Joe Smith" email, instead of simply replying to the senders saying "thank you, but I have seen this before," I decided to respond in a way that would tell people just where we stand in our manufacturing capability for the items listed below.


BAMW: Wal-Mart - Putting America First?
It appears that Wal-Mart is at it again, and although many people tell me that Wal-Mart would be a great place to market my forthcoming second edition of How Americans Can Buy American, I refuse to cater to this company, whose Buy American campaign is, for the most part, a sham.


BAMW: Dan River, Inc.
Dan River is a sheet and fabric maker headquartered in Danville, TN. On December 13, the company announced they were closing two plants in the U.S. and transferring operations to other locations. Where are they transferring the jobs to? Right here in America!